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Tiffany Café & Restaurant: Breakfast (and more) At Tiffany
Reviewed by : Deyana. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
In the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) says “Well, when I get it (fear and sadness) the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's”. Similarly, Tiffany Café & Restaurant, located on the lobby level of Furama City Centre, neatly tucked away in a corner of the hotel, gives you a brief retreat from the bustle of work. Set up in 1983, this restaurant has recently undergone refurbishment, emerging cosier, sleeker and with a new halal­ - certified menu in tow.

  • The Vibe
    Like the hotel, Tiffany exudes the laidback ease of older hotels combined with telltale signs of the 21st century. Enter Tiffany and you will be greeted by its café – comfortable settees that instantly relax you with its dim lighting and cool, blue carpeting. The café opens up to the restaurant, a much more vibrant enclosure with its décor of warm, red hues. Large windows line one wall of the restaurant, adding a sense of openness to the already spacious interior. Paintings of flowers and antique Chinese vases hang quaintly on another wall, facing the buffet spread. On the other side of the restaurant, the wall is a single shade of bright red, perhaps the only trace of modernist décor besides the glass buffet tables. Tiffany is quiet, charming and calm – indeed a haven from busy traffic and functionalist offices.
  • The Food
    To design the new halal menu, Tiffany has roped in an extremely talented chef into their kitchen team: Sous Chef Ahmed Apsin. Armed with a decade of culinary experience, it certainly shows in the range and quality of dishes that Tiffany offers.

    The international lunch buffet ($26.80) changes on a daily basis. Appetizers and starters range from garden salads to siew mai. Try Tiffany's sashimi selection, comprising of salmon, octopi, mussels and fresh prawns, and do remember to dip your sashimi into the startlingly piercing wasabe that prepares you for the main courses to come. Then, sample the pasta or the variety of seafood, cooked in Western, Chinese and Malay cuisine styles. There is, however, a lack of red meat and chicken in the spread. Tiffany's compensates for this by displaying a pushcart station serving hot, freshly-made sambal sotong and the refreshingly delicious fish soup. Indeed, a short march to the chef brings you to his sizzling grill and boiling pot.

    The chocolate fountain, which has become a landmark on every hotel buffet's dessert table, stands toweringly and almost sensuously in Tiffany. Adorned by a ring of fresh fruits like cherries, strawberries and lychees as well as marshmallows, it is a treat for every dessert aficionado. If chocolate's not your cup of tea, try the variety of pastries, fruit tarts and ice-cream placed at the nearby dessert counter.

    If you prefer a more sedentary meal, Tiffany offers just as wide a selection from their international ala carte menu. Try their signature dish, the Furama Nasi Goreng ($14.80), which adds a unique twist to the local fried rice. Instead of plain white rice, the Tiffany version uses nasi lemak, or fragrant rice, fried with chili, prawns and egg. This gives the nasi goreng a very rich flavour and an edge over the normal nasi goreng.

    For a Western meal, try the Pan-fried Cod Fillet ($21.80), another of Tiffany's signature dishes. Fried, fresh and firm, the fish is the focus of the dish. The Pan-fried Cod Fillet is simple and served without frills so as not to distract you from the excellent fish. Served with mushrooms and bean sprouts, the fish exhibits its freshness with its firm, juicy texture. If you don't enjoy seafood, then the Beef Tenderloin ($22.80), served with black pepper sauce, mushrooms, asparagus and rosti is a good alternative.

    Dessert is a must at Tiffany, with its specialty, the American Brownie Cheesecake ($6.80). A combination of chocolate cake, brownie and cheesecake, this dessert is soft, smooth and very rich. In addition, it is as chilled as a cheesecake should be – cold enough to soothe you, but not so cold that it distracts you from its flavour. If you don't have a sweet tooth, opt for the Ginger Caramel Custard ($5.80), a silky custard concoction drizzled with not-too-sweet caramel syrup with just a hint of ginger.

  • The Service
    Furama City Centre may be a 4-star hotel, but Tiffany offers 5-star service. The staff is courteous and friendly. You know the service is good when you do not even notice anything amiss on your table; you are always satisfied.

The SD Food Advisor's take on Tiffany Café and Restaurant
While the food is good, the most enticing part about Tiffany is its location and ambience. It is cosy, quiet and serene, letting you have a peaceful lunch at a reasonable price. The newly halal restaurant also provides a convenient venue for a gathering of friends and colleagues of all faiths to enjoy a meal together without hassle.

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