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Cuisine Indian Food, Restaurant
Address (S)
District Kallang
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Vansh: Delectably Pure Indian cuisine
Reviewed by : Hildra Gwee. Other Foodadvisor Writers?
Vansh, which means a new generation within the family, was launched in 2001 by the same people who brought the prestigious Rang Mahal Restaurant to our local scene, and has taken off ever since. Themed in shades of royal purples and sensual reds within, coupled with a hint of skylights that peep through a short panel of glass ceilings, people would reckon this space to resemble more of a psychedelic bachelor’s pad than a contemporary Indian Restaurant. Treat your visual senses further to the curves and bold colours in this restaurant, as you will probably not find another one like this, at least not one that is able to serve up delectable food that can match the favorable décor.

Unrestrained by convention or propriety, Vansh sets the trend by introducing an excitingly new concept of serving up a fusion of different authentic Indian elements which simultaneously holds strong modern Indian influences, giving the restaurant its differentiating character. For those who normally associate Indian food with mere pratas and thosais, you will be pleasantly enlightened with a feast that Vansh has in store for you.

  • The Vansh Fame
    With good food comes well deserved acclamation, as evident from the many awards that this semi-fine dining restaurant has claimed over the years. Some prominent examples include being listed as Singapore ’s Best Restaurants in both Singapore Tatler and Wine & Dine Magazine since its launch, clinching gold in the widely acclaimed Gourmet Hunt for the Best Dish Award in 2005, as well as the recent Gold award in the Singapore Food Festival for the New Dish Creation (Ethnic Indian).
  • The Vansh Feast
    Armed with a menu that features choice picks of favourites from all regions of India, Sous Chef Dinesh Rawat and the rest of the Vansh team offer a mean selection of juicy kebabs, fragrant biryanis and savoury curries that are prepared using only olive and vegetable oil. Prepare to be enthralled with the distinct flavours of Indian spices that are present in every bite of their dishes, and slowly savour the combination of tastes that lingers memorably on your taste buds.

    Dishes that are worth a try is the juicy and flavourful Tandoori Mushroom ($8) that is topped off with healthy in-house made cottage cheese, the Samundari Toofan ($22), which is a platter of plump prawns seasoned with aromatic turmeric and coriander scented yoghurt, as well as their award-winning Tandoori Lamb Chop ($18). This two-bone lamb chop that is roasted in the Tandoor is carefully coated with a layer of spicy yoghurt marinade that tastes simply exquisite. Those who do not normally favour lamb meat can be rest assured that the marinade has successfully eliminated any hints of the lamb and does indeed deserve every bit of its recognition.

    To further whet your appetites, tuck into the Chicken Sofyani Biryani ($16) that follows the traditional method of slow cooking in a dum and letting the natural juices of the chicken flavour the basmati rice. Strong hints of creamy yoghurt could be tasted and was certainly heartwarming.

  • The Vansh Desserts
    Like everything else in this restaurant, the desserts in Vansh are also made in the kitchen by the skilful team of Indian chefs. Everyone who loves their Indian will definitely look forward to closing their meal with a traditional Gulab Jamun or a Kulfi. Particularly tasteful was the lychee kulfi, which is a homemade Indian treat of creamy lychee ice-cream which was richly flavoured and satisfying to the taste senses.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Vansh
In my opinion, Indian food is one of the most complex cuisines in the world, combining a wide range of spices and tedious cooking efforts to give it its distinct aroma and character. With such complications, Vansh still manages to excel in its culinary standards, topping it off with a remarkably stylish yet relaxed ambience and polite service staff. By day, Vansh looks to be a chic dining hall. But it transforms itself by night, where this same space is mystically bathed in subdued lights that give Vansh its precise distinction from the rest.

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