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When one mentions House of Seafood @ 180, the fresh wholesome catch from the ocean, specially their awesome exotic tasty mouth watering crab dishes comes to mind. From its humble beginnings at Joo Chiat Place, the restaurant is still serving up its finest range of seafood and the most delicious appetizing crabs to its customers. Trusted over the years for being the best in quality and taste, people from all walks of life enjoy the fantastic goodness and freshness of their delicacies.

House of seafood has a well known signature dish which is their black pepper crab. There are many more different kind of seafood served in the restaurant.
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  • Seafood
  • Chinese cuisine
  • Noodles
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  • Sri Lankan Chilli Crab
  • Steamed Grouper
  • Stir-Fried Fresh Prawns
  • Sweet & Sour Pork with Stir-Fried Vegetables
  • Sri Lankan Black Pepper Crab

House Of Seafood @ 180 , 36 Yio Chu Kang Road 545553
Tel 6258 9711
1 Joo Chiat Place 427739
Tel 6442 5180
30 Cosford Road 499550
Tel 6746 9000
The Punggol Settlement , 3 Punggol Point Road 828694
Tel 6466-9000
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Very delicious and fresh black pepper crab! i just cant resist it! so tempting! i was not able to control myself from not eating even though i have sore throat coz this black pepper crab is just too fragrant and attractive. Though it was a bit expensive but definitely worth the price!! At house of seafood the menu varies from crabs, crayfish , lobsters, prawns , fishes , sharkfin etc
saw the tv advertisement recommending the house of seafoods dishes especially the crabs , as seafood lovers my friends and me decided to give it a try At house of seafood the menu varies from crabs, crayfish , lobsters, prawns , fishes , sharkfin etc we ordered chilli crabs and black pepper crabs . the chili crabs sauce is spicy and thick covered with eggs the crabs is fresh and the meat is tender . the black pepper crabs is spicy and the crab claw is full of meatSpending: Approximately SGD 20(Dinner)
A managed to get a coupon deal at house of seafood where i was able to get 50% off 70g of crabs, and since it was such a great deal, i brought 2 of my good friends along with me on our great chilli crab feast! We ordered 2 chilli crabs and 7 fried man-tou to go with its delicious sauce and garlic stir fried kailan and hot plate tofu!The chilli crab was a hit with all of us and although it was just a tad spicy for one of my friend and i, we really enjoyed it with the fried buns! The Crab was fresh and filled with loads of flesh! (unlike some stalls where the crabs are really tiny and shrunken)The hotplate tofu was also very delicious and slightly spicy, and we loved its gravy so much, that we cleaned the entire plate!The kailan was pretty normal!
Great food and atmosphere here (inside) The place may look abit run down on the outside but~ hey... they serve great food... The chili crab here is AWESOME~! The freshness of the crab plus the awesome sauce just made it worth the trip there~ Nothing beats eating it yourself~ so go on down to give it a try~! I\'m sure it will be worth while ;) Though the fried mantou maybe expensive - $0.80 per piece :/ it is really cute and tastes great with the crab sauce~Spending: Approximately SGD 80(Lunch)
It\'s the House of Seafood. I went to the branch at Serangoon and the place there is spacious. They have side dished like the egg tofu and sambal kangkong, I love their sambal kangkong, it smells great, taste great and it\'s spicy. BUT! their crabs are the best!!!~i My favorite food, the chilli crab! We ordered the black pepper crab too, it\'s simply too nice and delicious! oishii!!Spending: Approximately SGD 100(Dinner)
We went over to house of seafood for our dinner, the food were fresh and delicious. however the environment can be quite noisy but in my opinion it is not a huge problem as long as there are good food! We order the chilli crabNot forgetting the black pepper crabAnd we also ordered the giant bamboo clam! Taste really fresh!!
Very delicious and fresh black pepper crab! i just cant resist it! so tempting! i was not able to control myself from not eating even though i have sore throat coz this black pepper crab is just too fragrant and attractive. Though it was a bit expensive but definitely worth the price!!
Recently, House of Seafood was selling vouchers online through various websites and the deal just kept appearing so we bought it at $25 per 900g of crab instead of $50.Hotplate Beancurd was great! The sauce is nicely blend into the beancurd and the serving is good for 4!Pork Rib in Special Sauce is a must have dish! It is not oily at all and the sauce is sweet, meat is tender not hard surprisingly - just like eating chicken wings!Crab in creamy sauce is a dish that impress me, it is not the usual taste - really special! The sauce is not towards the milky side, there is this little cheesy taste in it which is kind of unique. The crab meats is quite fresh, just that I feel that the size of the crab is a little under size. If we walk in and pay $50 for these crabs, I don\'t feel worth it. You probably can get these crab at $30++ at some Zhi Char restaurants.The Crab Noodle cannot match it up to Uncle Leong. The soup base has too much ginger taste in it, it doesn\'t has the tin of sweetness in it. Just not really the place for crabs. Rate: 4/5 for other dishes and 3/5 for crabs.
i went to house of seafood with my girlfriend’s family. There were six of us and we ordered 4 crabs and other dishes. We ordered the black pepper crab, salted crab yolk crab, chilli crab and golden creamy butter crab. on top of that we ordered thei pork ribs with honey sauce, yam ring and oyster vegetables. Their crabs were simply fresh. You can taste the natural sweetness of the crabs. The black pepper crab was not too spicy, but the pepper sauce was very tasty. the salted egg yolk crab was my favourite, it was very fragrant not very salty. The chilli crab is really good, the gravy goes well with the rice and my second favourite is the golden creamy butter crab. I simply love the golden creamy sauce. really delicious.
salted egg sauteed crab The crabs were nicely sauteed, every single piece was covered with the salted egg gravy. A bit salty and very fragrant. Tasted nice with the fried crispy mantou too.Steamed Prawns in Egg White The egg was like chawanmushi but a bit rough, not very smooth and fine. The prawns had some wine flavour, i think there is some wine added. Prawns were fresh too. If there is no rice, i think this two dish is enough for two person only. So if for dinner, better eat with rice. Spending: Approximately SGD 15(Dinner)
Our friends returned from the States and craved crabs. So when the promo for House of Seafood came by, we decided to grab it. When we\'re there, they were fully booked inside their aircon section so our table was under a large gazebo with a call-bell for service. We enquired and realized that the crabs alone will be about $45/kg for large ones and the rest of the food items were very pricy too. Thus, cheapo us only ordered the crabs. 1) Black Pepper Crab - their black pepper turned out to be a thick sauce that is very peppery and spicy. It\'s really kick-a*s in taste! So good we had to have mantou to slurp up the last bit of sauce! 2) Salted Egg Crab - this too was very tasty. The sauce used to cook was also nice and thick. If you are used to salted egg that\'s cooked till it\'s stuck on the shell of crab, then this is not that type. Very tasty still. This restaurant is really tucked away in a very ulu part of Singapore so I dare say if you don\'t drive, it\'s bot likely you can find this place. Tho the food us nice, having to dine alfresco was not the best for us. In the middle of our meal, we had one fairly large millipede carry towards us, then a large spider, then a large flying bee/wasp flew into my face!! As fo service, we had to press a table buzzer for service as we were seated in the gazebo. So it\'s not your best service but to be fair, they do come whenever we buzzed for them. Not to mention we had to pay about $200 for the 3 crabs. It\'s too exciting a place for me to eat at.Spending: Approximately SGD 35(Dinner)
My second time to this brand of restaurant but this time at the Yio Chu Kang branch. Again there, there are 2 branches, we went to the one oppo the stadium. For that dinner, we ordered quite a number of crabs as there were more of us. 1) 2 Chilli Crabs - the sauce was alright but the freshness of the crabs were not consistent. One fresh while the other had rather limp flesh. 2) 1 Butter Crab - this crab was c***! It was big alright but the flesh was mush! That\'s unacceptable!! So we sent it back and they replaced with one that\'s at least decent. 3) 1 Black Pepper Crab - the sauce is good and this one was fresh. The other dishes were ok good but I don\'t think we come to a seafood place for it\'s veggie dishes right? I\'ll not likely return as we paid $50 per pax for not really very awesome crabs. I think the restaurant is trying to mix some low grade crabs with good ones and hope that we will not raise up the matter. Plus I only had 3 pieces of crab in the end. Spending: Approximately SGD 50(Dinner)
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