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1. Searching using a Singapore 6 Digit Postal code
  Type"Singapore 149043" or "149043" or "S 149043" or "Spore 149043" or S15955 and you will get the list of addresses with postal code 149043. Sometimes a postal code may have 2 different landmarks associated with it though this is very rare.
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Sometimes a poscal code may have 2 different landmark asociated with E.g 149053. You then need to select whitch landmark you are refring to
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Our searches are NOT case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be understood as lower case.
We have over 400 list of abbreviations that we recognised.
Some samples are Singapore = Spore, Street = Str, Jalan = Jln, Buildings = Bldg. So even if you type Spore 159556, we will still get you the result for Singapore 159556.