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  Using the Postal Code and Building Name is quite straight forward. However if you are searching for a Street Name and is not sure of the actual street address, it is often advisable not to use long strings e.g.

221 tampines Ave 1 is not recommended unless you are very sure that such an address exits. 221 Tampines will get you better results if you are not sure of the address.

  Nevertheless, do not be ovely worried about the search. We have added alot of user intelligence into the system to try and assist you with your search.
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Artificial Inteligence to assist you with your search
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Our searches are NOT case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be understood as lower case.
We have over 400 list of abbreviations that we recognised.
Some samples are Singapore = Spore, Street = Str, Jalan = Jln, Buildings = Bldg. So even if you type Spore 159556, we will still get you the result for Singapore 159556.