Yummy chicken rice at selegie road there. i like the chili max. enjoy eating here with a cup of herbal tea after meals. i give 4out of 5. thumbs up.
I was here for a few times to have their chicken rice. I usually ordered half a chicken and requested it to be a quarter of roasted chicken and the other quarter to be white chicken. Such request is always compiled without further question. Both the roasted and white chicken tasted equally nice, the meat was tender and juicy but the roasted chicken was a tad too dry. The rice was grainy with nice chicken soup taste. The chilli also tasted quite good and not very spicy.
I am looking for nostalgia delicious Hainan chicken rice to share with my foreign friends; therefore I tried this coffee shop selling Hainan Chicken rice near Selegie Road. Be frank, I do not really get the original Hainan chicken rice.The taste of the rice is a bit weird and I am quite disappointed about the white chicken meat which do not has a clear and smoothly skin & flesh. Breast meat is $3.50 per plate and chicken drum is $5.00 per plate. Spending: Approximately SGD 5
I order the set which comes with a plate of steamed white chicken, a plate of oyster sauce vegetables, a bowl of rice and a bowl of dumpling soup. Fragrant and flavorful, the golden yellow rice goes very well with the savory chilli sauce and tasty white steamed chicken. What is most impressive about the chicken rice set is the delicious dumpling soup with two delightfully large and fresh prawn dumplings. However, i dont like the attitude by the waitress. they are rude and insist us with the orders when we are still flipping the menus. Spending: Approximately SGD 5
Spotted this Hainan Chicken Rice outlet along Middle Road called Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice. The menu cover looks like looks like some vintage Shaolin Martial Art book. As usual, I ordered 1 plate of chicken (steamed) rice with organ. With such a large plate, it make it seems as though the chicken rice is very little. The chicken rice was hard and dry. The chicken flavour was not fully in How was the chicken? Just average. But glad that quite a generous portion of chicken wasgiven. Spending: Approximately SGD 8
Was hungry during the night and came to this stall as it was the nearest place with the most decent proper meal. My friend ordered the heh zhor while I went for my usual chicken rice. The fried prawn roll was okay, pretty decent but if it was saltier, it would have tasted better. Chicken is still tender as usual and the rice as usual.
Always noticed that the crowd is here at the wee hours of the night. Decided to give it a try to see what is so great about this place. The service crew is full of china people who do not smile but does the orders thoroughly. The chicken meat is tender and moist. The rice was not very fragrant and a little on the dry side. The garlic chilli is good here, spicy and saltish at the same time. Works well with the chicken meat. The soup is quite bland here. Overall, a decent place for chicken rice but not the best. Besides, there\'s not alot of food choices around here.
My girlfriend and I were walking around Middle Road (just off Selegie Road) and was wondering what to eat for supper, then we saw this shop. I had tried on almost all the best Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore. Last night, my girlfriend decided to try Sing Ho Hainan chicken rice located at Middle Road (diagonally opposite Peace Centre). She ordered the following food before going back to home by CityCab: Chicken For 2- $8.00 Fragrant Rice- $0.60 Prawns Roll- $6.00 Dumpling Soup- $6.00 Home Made Barley - $1.20 Compared with the other Hainanese chicken rice, I still prefer Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice 五星海南鸡饭粥 (River Valley) and Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice 新记出名鸡饭 over Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice In The City. I enjoyed sitting by the road side, but she preferred to sit inside. One thing we noticed that the plate of Roast Chicken and the fluffy chicken rice are quite nice, but a tad oily for my liking. Reason for me to give Service as 1 out of 5 is the service crew just took away our condiments of chilli, garlic paste and dark sauce without asking our permission to another table. Conclusion: This should be rated as 2 1/2 out of 5.Spending: Approximately SGD 10.90(Night Snack)
I love the fried tofu from here! had this with a friend and the service is good, serving is fast, easy to get seats. we ordered the hainan chicken rice - steamed chicken, fried tofu, fried prawn roll and barley for drink. the rice is really fragrance, the chicken is nicely cook and done, best is the fried tofu! (they uses egg tofu and deep fried it nicely, golden crispy tofu, soft on the inside and mouth watering), fried prawn roll is nice too! for the both of us, shared among, each pays $11. good! Spending: Approximately SGD 11
Another favorite hangout of mines for Chicken rice. I am usually here if i happen to be in town to attend movie preview. I love both the steamed and roasted chicken. And, to have the best of both worlds, i usually order 1/2 chicken, then 1/4 of each part. Both white (steamed) and black (roasted) chicken tasted tender and juicy. The dark sauce is thick and nice and the chilli is not too bad too, it would be nicer if it\'s a little more spicy. The rice is moist with a distinct taste of chicken stock. This is definitely a nice place for Chicken rice. I enjoy sitting by the road side and watching the cars drive past while enjoying my chicken rice. Highly recommended.Spending: Approximately SGD 15.90
From a small stall, it expanded all the way to take over the entire coffeeshop beside.
This chicken rice stall has been around for the quite some time.

I think one reason why it is popular is that the chicken rice is quite decent in taste and it is cheap.

I prefer steamed chicken than roast chicken anytime. But Sing Ho's steamed chicken isnt the best on my Chicken rice list.
IMHO, they serve better roast chicken thou.
They do serve a wide variety of side dishes to go along with your usual chicken rice as well
What else?
Yes! Their Chili.
It is fragrant and never fail to tickle my palate.

After a hearty meal, the famous rochor beanburd is just a stone throw away.

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