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Set up in 1990, Tampines Town Council manages, maintains and carry out improvement projects at the common properties of 55,652 HDB residential flats and commercial properties within Tampines Town. The common properties include corridors, void decks, lifts, water tanks, public lighting and open spaces. Funds collected from the service and conservancy charges(SC/CC) are used for the maintenance of the estate

Edward John Hi

14 Apr 2015 11:34:03
Products & Services

Tampines Town Council offers alot of services to the residents of Tampines Town. These services are grouped into four categories which are :

1. Routine Maintenance
2. Cyclical Works
3. Improvement Works
4. Other Services

All these services are funded by funds collected from the Service and Conservancy Charges (SC/CC) paid by residents monthly.





Hi Could the Town Council kindly advice who would be responsible to replace the wooden frame of the air-conditioner opening which has rotted. The rotting wood has created an opening for birds to enter into the enclosed space to build their nest. Kindly see the photo attached. Thank you.
Hi, Further to my last comment on the white substance problem, I encounter the same problem this morning again. Please see the enclosed photo. I hope the Tampines Town Council could look at this matter on urgent basis. Thank you. Steven Lee Mobile: 97305231
Hi, I am a resident of Blk 492d Tampines Street 45 #??-274 Singapore 523492. For the past two weeks, I noticed that there are some white substance dropped from the rooftop which dirty some of my laundry everyday. This may be due to your contractor did some minor repair work at rooftop about three weeks ago without cleaning it properly. I really appreciate if your office could do some investigation on this matter urgently. Thank you. Steven Lee Mobile: 97305231
Hi, I am a resident of Blk 401, Tampines St.41. Enclosed photo represents a typical sight next to the rubbish bin located at the corner of the ground floor lift lobby since the completion of the lift upgrading. Residents upstairs conveniently identify this corner as big-item rubbish dump. This is not only unsightly but poses as trip hazard for elderly & also fire safety hazard. My mom was almost tripped by the discarded ironing board in this photo. May be the bin needs to be relocated or no-dumping signboard posted for the safety of all given the public common area. Please review urgently. Thanks.
Hi, I'm a cyclist who loves the various beautiful park connectors around Tampines. While cycling, I also admire the plants and flowers that grow along them. I notice that the grass stretch just outside the Church of the Holy Trinity is often not trimmed at all. It's rather unsightly. Sometimes, it is half trimmed. I find it quite queer. Will you please get the contractor to trim the grass properly and regularly please? Thanks.
Hi I am a resident at Blk 867A. Whenever it rains, the pavement infront of the block near the overhead bridge will get flooded as show in the attached photo. Pls do take some action to the drainage. It is causing inconvenient to those elderly who may want to go to the nearby supermarket but due to the flood, they have to climb the overhead bridge with the market trolley. Hope you can look into this problem asap.
Hi further to the undermentioned msg. I am a resident at Blk 109 Tampines, St. 11. 2 weeks ago, my car front windscreen was damage by a mystery tree behind my blk in between lot no. 259 to 266. Last saturday (4-5-13) another fruit drop onto another car and damage the back windscreen. Whenever i heard a loud bank, i am worried that it may drop onto any passby by or the driver's head. This fruit is very heavy. I hope you could look into this matter as URGENT case before any serious accident accured. Thank you Lily Tay
This picture shows the cracks of my car front windscreen. Rgds Lily Tay
Hi, I'm a resident at Blk 109, Tampines St. 11. 2 weeks ago my car (front windscreen) was damage by an unknow fruit tree at the carpark behind my block. Last saturday (4 May 2013) the fruit drop onto another car and smashed on the back windscreen. This fruit is very heavy, everytime when i heard a loud bank i am so worry it may drop of those passer by or the driver's head.. This fruit tree is in between parking lot no. 259 to 266. I hope you could look into this matter at URGENT case before any serious accident happen. Thank you. Lily Tay
Hi, I'm a resident at Block 491H Tampines St 45 #02-248. I enclosed a picture of thrash bag that stuck on the tree opposite my door entrance. This plastic bag might have stagnant water that can cause breeding of mosquitoes. I appreciate if you could arrange removal of the plastic bag. Thank you.
* There's a photo attachment to this.
* There's a photo attachment to this.
I am a resident at Tampines Ave 5, BLK 859, #12-613. I'm writing this to complain that there are some social workers that is handling my block, on 3rd March 2013. They were constructing something at the Roof Top, which leaks out pipe water. They did not notify any of the residents and just start reconstructing things, letting the pipe water drip down. Several residents' clothes that they hanged out, got wet, due to this reason. The happenings were from 11:45am to 12pm. I hope you could tell us what happen. And also, tell the social workers, to notify the residents first, before doing such things, as people's dry clothes may get wet, and will need to re-wash them again. And it's wasting money, as I need to pay more for the water and electricity bills. Please do note that the water was really really really dirty. If you want to verify and all, please do call 98638053. * There's a photo attachment to this.
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