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the connoisseur concerto (tcc) is the leading purveyor of gourmet coffees in Singapore and soon, the region. We offer an extensive range of exclusive top-quality coffees, brewed to perfection using a variety of methods including syphon, ice coffee dripper and espresso techniques.

A cosy, welcoming ambience is what we provide to our customers where they can fully appreciate the pleasure of savouring a truly excellent cup of coffee. Each of our art boutique caffè features a unique design and ambience to suit the local clientele. And if our customers are peckish, our comprehensive menu of delicious starters, main courses and desserts will certainly gratify their appetite.

The concept of the connoisseur concerto (tcc) is young and fresh — conceived in mid 2003 and launched on December 18, 2003. Our first two art boutique caffès to open on that day were at Millenia Walk and Beach Centre. One month later, tcc Cineleisure, which has a shop-concept look and feel, was opened.

Nice place for coffee and cakes:) love their pasta meal too:)
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21 Feb 2013 22:50:15
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Nice place for coffee and cakes:) love their pasta meal too:)
This Royal Pumpkin Cheesecake taste not bad. The cheesecake is smooth and soft. And the cheese taste also wont too concentrated. But after i ate half slices of it, i can taste some weird taste. Maybe is the pumpkin..?? But my friend said that it is very nice as it is very light and fresh. By the way, i\'m still not a cheese cake lover, so this cake for me still ok only.
One wouldn\'t expect that high quality of food from a coffee joint, but TCC really delivers on the standards of their food. I must say, the dishes I tried here are generally thumbs up. The service here is also very good. Attentive servers. Seafood baked Pasta They serve a really mean and garlicky pasta here. I love how it\'s nicely done here. Full flavoured seasoning mix of the sauce and cheesyJust be sure you\'re not going out on a hot date when you\'re taking this.
This cake is too choco. It looks dark but it is not bitter. The sweetness is just right and i\'m quite like it because it is very smooth. But i dont like the berry on the top.It looks not fresh maybe it had been put in the refridge for a very long time. The cakes there is small and attractive but the choices is quite few. If they add more fruits cake i will be go there more frequently because i more prefer fruit cake.
This Mango cake is called "MANGO DIVA" which is selling for $5.6 for a single portion. It has a smooth surface on the top which is gelatin with the sweetness of the fresh mango inside. It is like a mango shortcake, gracefully adorned with mango and berries! It\'s fruit cake therefore it is healthy and it cheered up my day by eating this with tea at TCC! Should try it!
I have always tried the plain aglio Olio with nothing but olive oil, garlic and chill padi and I thought it is worthwhile to give a try of the seafood. Moreover, it is more worthwhile. It has succulent pan – seared scallops and fresh prawns, the prawns are very fresh and the scallops are very juicy. However, I did not quite enjoy the spaghetti maybe it is due to the different brand in olive oil used.
TCC not only served premium quality coffee in their cafe, their different types of western desserts also delight my taste bud too.Especially love their different types of creamy delight which are really smooth in texture and not too sweet.The presentation is way really nice and look really appearing.The price may be abit towards the high side, but sometime to pamper yourself with some really nice dessert once in a while is definitely worth the money and effort.
We came after our dinner around the corner as we were craving for sweets and came here for it. I am not a fan for Trimisu but when I read on the menu with the way they desccribed it were tempting enough for me to want to have one. It was good but a little too much on the coffee liqueur that I felt a slight burning sensation in my throat. We had another one which is a shortbread with some creamy stuff along with raspberry, it was slightly cheezy for me. Overall okay at least we \'fed\' our desire.
I went to tcc at millenia walk with my girlfriend. We both are fans of tcc, we like the same pasta there that is the crispy oyster and shimeiji spaghetti. This spaghetti is slightly towards the Asian flavours. the sauce is like those Japanese kind and it was very flavourful because of the shimeji sweetness. There were quite a lot of fried oysters and the fried oysters were really large and juicy. they give you some lemon strips to squeeze on the oysters making it taste even nicer.
Had been a pasta lover all this while, so I will not hesitate to try out the pasta sold by different restaurants. Went to TCC- The Connoisseur Concerto and ordered their seafood aglio oglio. the spaghetti is not bad after all. Seafood too, were quite fresh. Only downside is that the pasta can be a little bit too dry for me. Oh well, tis might be a little bit spicy to those non-spicy eater. But overall, still satisfied with the taste.
TCC was having its promotion 1-for-1 for its main course or pasta. My friends and I decided to head down and enjoy its food and offer. It was also my virgin experience at TCC. I ordered seafood aglio oglio while my friend ordered pan-fried salmon. The pan-fried salmon was tasty, the skin was very crispy and cracklings could be heard when I chewed it. This showed how crispy was it However, the salmon meat was a little overcooked as it was a tiny weeny dry and tough. Overall it was still a thumbs up My seafood aglio oglio was superb too! I\'m a huge friend of chilli and love spicy food, I find the spiciness was just right. It was enough to make my lips feel a little hot but not too spicy till my eyes start to tear. The scallops and prawns were tasty too. They weren\'t overcooked and were succulent. However, I did find the spaghetti a little dry for my liking. But overall, I did enjoy the long awaited pasta - I didn\'t know know, but I waited 30 minutes for my spaghetti - Seafood aglio oglio had 3 chillis on the menu and also a healthier choice logo making it a healthy and delicious meal without guilt! My friends and I shared the dessert, Raspberry mousse -$9.90 which was a new item. It was rather disappointing because it turned out to be just an inch thick layer of mousse atop a think layer of raspberry sponge cake. Although the mousse had a strong chocolate taste but it weren\'t enough to blow my mind away.. For the price and the quality, I find it unreasonable. Will I go to TCC again to try out the rest of the food? Yes, I will! Especially the desserts referring to chocolate devotionand the beverages.
This is one of their signature cake which is called " Classic Sour Cream Cheese Cake "! Though the name has the sour cream, however it is not sour or taste werid. It has a unique taste of the cheese which i think is of good quality ones. And the digestive biscuit that is at the bottom is just nice to match with the cake!It contain a little bit of lemon lest to lighten the whole taste which makes it better!
It is a slice of "Matchasuki Dream"! Life has been stress and it will be nice if people can just relax and sink into TCC restaurant seats. Order a piece of cake and view the arts around the restaurant and enjoy the music is definately a nice getaway!This cake contains Japanese redbean and layer of cream with green tea essence. It is just nice and soft. It melts when the cake enters into my mouth and filled with the green tea cake soft taste..
There was a promotion going on at 1 for 1 for all main courses. We decided to head to TCC to try out the promotion. My friend and I ordered the same main course, which is the fried oysters spagetti which costs $22.90++ in total. This helped to save us half the price. The fried oysters were well fried, as they were crispy on outside and juicy in the inside. The portion was quite small though.
nice birthday cake for my wife.
TCC for lunch. This is one of my favourite main. Sometimes they have one for one main course during lunch hour. Do check it out! I had seafood aglio olio. It was pretty spicy in my opinion. This is the only dish with three chilli ratings in their menu. Think chilli lovers will definitely go for this dish. The seafood they used in the pasta was really fresh. The prawns were sweet, juicy, translucent and delicious! The pasta was well cooked. All in all, it was great!
Amazingly delicious clam chowder soup. It was not of the thick gooey kind of soup. It is pretty light with all the clams in the center of the bowl. The soup is light and refreshing with a taste of the sea. The clams were all very fresh, sweet and juicy. There\'s a bread stick to go along with the dish as well. Dip it into the soup and savour it up. If you are not someone who love seafood, i urge you not to try it.
The Connossieur Concerto - TCC at Funan IT Mall (Singapore) serves very nice coffee and their western main dishes. Very nice place - with comfortable seats. Mrupupup was lucky that the TCC outlets are having a 1 for 1 mains promotions till August 2012 - order 2 dishes and pay only for one - good value for money. Very good! Mrupupup had Ocean Surfin\' - two thick slices of fishes with asparagus and vegetables (inserted picture), and their salmon pasta dish with special tangy sauce. Mrupupup also enjoyed their signature coffee. TCC also has great service - prompt delivery and friendly staff.
I went to tcc for lunch. They are having the one for one pasta and main course. I happened to be with a friend and we decided to try it. We both happened to pick the same dish, which was the seafood aglio olio, it was the only one with three chilli ratings in their menu and being chilli fans, we both picked it. The seafood they used in the pasta was indeed fresh. I love the succulent meat of the prawn. The prawn was so sweet. The pasta was not really spicy too, we added some chilli powder to make it even more spicy. But it was good, and very reasonable.
TCC is now having the 1-for-1 main course/pasta promotion in conjunction of the GSS, up till 21 July. What a bargain! We ordered the O\'bello cheesy eggplant and absolutely love it. The eggplant is cooked but not too soft. It is layered with cheese, and topped with the mushroom. Very tasty, especially the mushroom which has a hint of truffle oil, yummy! Baby crayfish spaghetti is all time favourite! The dish comes with generous amount of crayfish, fresh and strong seafoody flavour!
Glad that TCC is holding this promotion during the great singapore sale period so that we are able to enjoy their main course or pasta for 1 for 1. This is actually my first time trying out their main course and pasta and i must say i was quite satisfied with it. Saw from the menu that their seafood aglio olio is recommended so i decided to order that and it was great! The prawns were very crunchy and the scallops were also very fresh. It is a little spicy for me though. Tried the Roasted Chicken with Rich Sherry Jus and it is great too. The chicken was really tender and i like the sauce that came with it. I will definitely come back and dine in again before this promotion ends.
I ordered a hazelnut frappe which came in a tall glass. The coffee flavour was not very strong and there was more hazelnut flavour. I did not really like it because I like my frappe with a stronger coffee flavour. They have a wide variety of cakes for you to choose from and serve other main dishes too. A great place to chill and hang out with friends while enjoying their cakes and coffee!
This place is a little quiet after working hour as it located right at the CBD area. As the result, the staffs gathered at the back and chat, not very attentive or alert. However, the food is good as per usual. I had the seafood aglio olio. The garlic flavour and the slight hotness from the chilli padi gives an extra kick to the simple pasta dish, and the prawns are very fresh too.The dessert is sinfully yummy. Dark Devotion is pretty much a chocolate cake,with the melted chocolate filling. Very rich and delicious.
Met my friends for dinner at Central Clark Quay but there were long queues everywhere. We ended up at TCC for dinner. I ordered theMentaiko spaghetti with salmon. The salmon was cooked to perfection. it was still moist and pink. The pasta was al dente and it came with a egg which as kind of weird. Overall the dish is quite flavourful.Beside the hearty mains, TCC has an extensive selection of coffee and tea. A good place to chill out too.
I like to dine at tcc once in a while, thou it is expensive but worth the price. This set is cute and delicious, Consists of Two scones, starters which are salmon and salad, desserts which are Cupcakes and chocolate"cigarette". It was my first time trying scone, it was nice, a bit like cookies and bread, and I love to dip it in the chocolate sauce given. The salmon is smoked, very flavorful. Overall nice and impressive!
had the salmon pasta which comes with thick salmon mentai sauce which tasted flavourful and went really well with the spagetti, one of the best sauce i ever tasted however the salmon slices didnt taste good,neither fresh nor sweet, quite a pity but i managed to finish the salmon by covering it with lots of sauce .service was average, food came within a short time. there was one for one promotion and hence we paid about 12 to 13 bucks for a plate of pasta which i find it quite reasonable. if there wasnt the promotion i will think it is too pricey. overall great dining experience and will definitely patronise especially during the promotion period
This is called "D\'TTCC TI-RUM-MISU"! It\'s interesting name isn\'t it named by TCC which i guessed this is one of their signature cake. This is baked out of rum and coffee, it has a very exotic creation of their own tiramisu, which has a unique flavour. At the bottom, there are different layers to taste them. Plus the cute chocolate as you can see from the picture "TCC" !Not only about eating this cake, but i actually keep this cup after eating. I used it to store yogurt therefore it is useful yet fabulous ! so why not ?!
It is called "Cocoa L\'amore\' which is mainly a chocolate mousse cake which is decked with layers of rich dark chocolate, and layer of smooth milk chocolate and white chocolate. They have three types of chocolate in a piece of cake. And it is made up of no sponge cake therefore i love it. It is so soft and moussey thin feeling which melts daintily in my mouth. How nice with the berries on top of the cake!
Its a sunny afternoon that day at keppel bay. My friends and I decided to go to tcc and take a break after playing games under the scorching sun. I ordered hot chocolate which is rather costly for me. It cost around 6 bucks for a cup. But it is worth it i guess, accompanied with the beautiful sea view and yachts from far. The hot chocolate is creamy and sweet. drinking hot chocolate in such a place calms my heart lifts up my spirit!
1-for-1 on mains/pasta. Till 22 July.
Had delicious ham and cheeese sandwich here! Love the bread! It is so crusty and crispy! Love the ham and cheese too. The combination of the melted cheese and the ham really makes the sandwich! We also ordered a strawberry mousse dessert which was just as good as well! Love this place and would recommend it for a romantic place out.
The Chocolate Confession is rich in chocolate! And it has a layer of thick dark chocolate ganache which i always look out for when choosing chocolate cake because i am a dark chocolate lover. It tastes chocolatey heaven when you take smalll bites. There is not much sponge but more of the thick chocolate cream! Eat once in a while because it is sinful !
This is Mango Diva in a cup, which is very exclusive look and very elegant! (: The mango taste very fresh and puree with the berries and chocolate on top to add marks to the overall appearance look! And not to say the sponge cake and the fillings inside the cup, it taste perfectly awesome and not very sweet because i can\'t stand those syrup taste.
Had a pot of Peppermint Tea here yesterday while i was waiting for the arrival of my friend. Love the smell and taste of the tea. It had the right amount of aroma and taste to it. My parents order the iced tea which was served in a cute glass. Looks quite appealing. I also realised that they have a large variety of speciality drinks in their menu and i would definitely try them when i go back to TCC!! The food looks very good too!
This is one the TCC branches which I love to visit as it is less crowded as compared to the rest. Definitely a good place to chill out and catch up with friends over dinner and coffee. This is also one of the restaurant/branches which you will be able to get seats for huge group during dinner time on a friday night without reservation. As usual, I order my favourite Smoked Salmon Spaghetti which tastes fantastic. In fact, TCC never disappoint me as the standard of food is always consistently good. Highly recommended!
The GREAT SINGAPORE SALE is here and besides SHOPPING for the best deals around town, you must also know where to find great EATING deals. the connoisseur concerto (tcc) holds its annual 1-for-1 pasta and main course promotion to coincide with the GSS period (it runs from 25 May to 22 July this year). Each main course/ pasta at tcc usually cost about $20, and becomes even more affordable during this 1-for-1 promotional period. I recently visited tcc at Wisma Atria, but there are many other tcc outlets around town and various shopping malls.I particularly like their Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta ($20.50++). It’s perfect al dente spaghetti tossed in olive oil, chili flakes and garlic. The spaghetti is firm, has bite and goes very well with the huge pan seared scallop pieces and fresh prawns served in this dish. Garlic lovers will like the generous sprinkling of garlic over this dish.tcc has also expanded its food menu and I tried this new item- Baby Crayfish Spaghetti ($20++) which is spaghetti tossed in luscious tomato cream sauce with generous servings of sauteed baby crayfish, topped with green wasabi fish roe. I felt the tomato cream sauce was actually a good combination of tomato and cream flavours; it is slightly watery and not too overly creamy thick. I quite enjoyed slurping the firm spaghetti strands drenched in the sauce. The baby crayfish served here were fresh and they were really generous with the portions. The wasabi fish roe added a nice crunchy, sharp peppery wasabi flavour to the entire mix which complemented the dish. Their pasta menu is worth a try, especially if you need to find a place to have a meal and coffee after shopping. You may need to put up with less than desirable service though. Every customer was having a main course and the service staff were really busy. They took quite a while to serve water and bring the bill, but surprisingly the main courses did not take too long to appear. Also, if the cafe gets crowded, do be prepared to queue! Seems like more people are becoming aware of the 1 for 1 promo.
Love the Macaroon and the white chocolate ice cream delight that we ordered! Perfect for afternoon tea and a chat with friends! The desserts were just nice and not too sweet! Really love the white chocolate ice cream delight! There is a tube given to infuse some strawberry sauce into the white chocolate dessert thing. Really love this!
I ordered a hazelnut frappe which came in a tall glass. The coffee flavour was not very strong and there was more hazelnut flavour. I did not really like it because I like my frappe with a stronger coffee flavour. They have a wide variety of cakes for you to choose from and serve other main dishes too. A great place to chill and hang out with friends while enjoying their cakes and coffee!
love the salads at TCC. crabmeat salad- tasty, goes well with shrimp roe & their special sauce, leafy vegetables are fresh , really tasty!! first time eating vegetables actually tast that good tofu salad - refreshingly healthy , tender and delicious. great for a light meal, love the mushroom which goes with it . great ambience, friendly staff who refill your water without asking. cozy place to chill out place with friends and familySpending: Approximately SGD 20(Lunch)
Bought a 1kg big tiramisu cake for $48. The cake has a spongy texture with the cream spread in between of it and the strong coffee taste of the cake. With every bite of the cake, the cake simply melts into your mouth. The cake is wonderful. It is not too sweet as well.
The only reason my friends and I ate at TCC for lunch was because of her birthday month 50% discount!All in all, it was incredibly worth it to eat at TCC at half the price because the food is really awesome.I ordered their Red Hot Chicken Spaghetti ($17.50) as well as a Hazelnut Frappe ($7.90) Red Hot Chicken Spaghetti: Although it was not spicy enough for me, the portion was generous and the sauce was well-seasoned and tasty.The chicken bits were tender and the spaghetti was soft yet chewy.Recommended! 9/10Hazelnut Frappe: This was not as good as I expected it to be.The hazelnut flavour was pretty distinctive, which was fine with me but I did not like the blend of coffee and hazelnut.The coffee taste could have been stronger. Not a bad choice 8/10Thanks to the 50% discount, this meal only cost me about $15!
It was late night and we decide to head to tcc nearby to have a drink. I always like the ambience at tcc, it have a very comforting and warm vibe for people to chill. Most tcc i know closes late espcially the ones in the town, hence giving us more choices on where to spend the night. We ordered two drink (Apple soda and Peachy Sunrise). I had the apple soda which is a tad sour in my opinion but great for digestion as we had a late dinner. My friend loves peach, hence decided to try Peachy Sunrise. She says it has a very nice taste and she likes that they put the mint leaves on top. She says it adds a dash of minty scent to the drink. Overall, i would recommend this place for its great drink and fine chilling out place
TCC Ambience isn\'t that pleasant because it\'s just in front of a pub so the muffled music from the pub is quite a turnoff. Unlike other TCC branches, the staff there looks rather dead. Service was kind of unpleasant. They don\'t look keen serving us at all. The branch need to improve allot because it loses out a lot compared to the other TCC branches. We ordered a platter of snacks and share among us, it is very disappointed, and the cheese stick is not fully cooked, still soggy inside.
It was around 2 plus going on to 3pm. I was waiting for my friend at TCC for her to end her afternoon class that she\'s having nearby. I love the ambience at TCC, since it was around afternoon time during weekdays, there wasn\'t much people around I brought along a book and decided to have a coffee drink to pass time while i read I saw that their menu had this Strawberry Mocha Latte which looks very nice! I ordered one and it came looking so tasty to drink. I took away the peppermint leaves on top and stir in the whip cream into the drink so that they all won\'t be stagnant on top when i finish the drink later! The drink was quite nicely blend od strawberry and mocha ice coffee Usually im not a regular coffee drinker but this is really nice and worthy to try! I recommend this drink if you are unsure what to order at TCC
A good way to spend some cozy evening chilling out would be a slice of sinful dessert from TCC.Dark devotion is super sinful especially when the chocolate started oozing out of the cake.It is definitely too sweet to eat on it\'s own BUT when you take a spoonful together with the vanilla ice cream, you get a good blend.The vanilla ice cream actually helped to equalize the over powerful sweetness of the molten chocolate.As a huge lover of English breakfast tea, it wouldn\'t be surprising that I ordered the special breakfast tea.The tea is very thick but I like how I can keep topping up hot water.The quaintly tea set make the experience all the more enjoyable.I prefer see through tea cups than those white porcelain type.
It was after my workout session and TCC came to my mind to have afternoon tea. TCC has a great high-tea set change every month and I really love it. It come with a cup of coffee or tea. As this is the month of April, there have the Easter high-tea set. The high-tea set has like a scone, hot cross bun, a mini wrap, beef pastry, Easter chocolate basket, carrot cake and a Rabbit chocolate cake. The breaded oyster was delicious as well and the club sandwich was HUGE. Really enjoyed my tea session there.Spending: Approximately SGD 15(Tea)
of all sweets, i extremely love tcc\'s chocolate molten cake. i called it the lava cake, as the melted chocolate inside is really attracting! the sesame biscuit on top is really nice as well. crispy and yet not too sweet! the ice cream on top is vanilla ice cream, it really goes well with the melted chocolate and the cake. i also ordered a drink, not sure about the name but it is lychee mint something. and to me I feel that it is really refreshing after the chocolate motlen cake.
This cheesy baked rice has really surprised me with their quality cooking prepared by their chefs.Lots of melted shredded cheese are spread on top of the rice before bring to bake.Inside also includes manysliced mushrooms, which added the healthy content of it.Every mouthful you can really feel the fragrant cheese rice melt in your mouth.Would be good if they can offer this dish under a set meal as to buy it under ala-carte item is really quite expensive and not really a good bargains for the younger groups and students too.
If you happen to drop by TCC for a cup of coffee or tea, do check it out on their cup of tirumisu as well.The different layers of moss which includes the wine flavours, chocolate flavours, vanilla flavours and strong coffee flavours have really make this small cup of dessert have that very surprising and nice taste which I also do not know what is best to describe it.It is really like so even if you want to have more than one small cup of it is really alright.One of the best seller dessert here and sold out very fast too.I think this dessert will taste better by going along with a hot beverage instead of a cold beverage.
It was tea break~! my friend and i was around citylink area.. we went to TCC to have some dessert.. TCC offers a wide range of cakes. Both in slices or whole cake. They have fruity cakes, rum cakes, cheesecake and chocolate cakes. I have tried a few of them and all taste sweet and good~ If you haven\'t try it yet, maybe you can hop down to one of the outlet and give it a try! It definitely won\'t be disappointing.
Went to The Connoisseur Concerto @ Clarke Quay to celebrate our friend\'s birthday. We had chosen this cafe because of its ambient environment. Also, it was our first time we had our meal here. We bought the Devil\'s Chocolate Cake as my friend is a chocolate lover. This cake in fact is very rich in chocolate and delicious, however we kinda feel sick after having too much of it. It is best servedchilled. The service is also kinda good. They helped us a lot which made the surprising birthday celebration to my friend a success one. Only disadvantage is that the cake is slightly expensive though.
Found out that only Airport branch have all day breakfast. The pancakes are soooooo goooood. Thick and fluffy inside, crispy outside. Matched with the cream sauce, ham and eggs, absolutely divine. I can finished all by myself but willingly I have to skip the next meal as it was quite filling by its own. Most of the other dishes are fine, like the chilli crab pasta and the salmon sandwich. We ordered quite a variety of dishes that day as we had a big group. All of us left with a satisfying smile on our face.
I went to TCC at bugis, and of course not forgetting to ask my "valentine" along! She was a working partner whose office was just next door, so we decided to celebrate her bday at TCC. We ordered the TCC vday set, together with the drink, and i must say the drink was simply awsome! The strawberry was not too sweet, yet sinks in quite deeply in my throat. The pastries were quite yummy too! especially the heart shape prawn pastry, which was really delicious, and almost too pretty that i couldn\'t bear to eat it! Overall, it was a great tea session, great food, great company, and of course very nice restaurant setting!
I had a pretty simple dinner the other day at TCC. I like the simple setting and friendly service there, always. I had the Yuzu Scented Spaghetti with Teriyaki Salmon as main. The salmon is fresh, and char-grilled perfectly, and not dry.Good one! The spaghetti itself is a bit spicy but the flavour of yuzu gives me a hint of refreshing appetite. However, the portion is slightly big.
TCC are well known for their coffee and dessert. But what surprised me that they actually servedreal enjoyable comfort food as well! One of my favorite in TCC is getting my baked rice for my very filling lunch. Love it how it actually layered with cheese and able to blend well with the rice which turns out not too mushy too, just simply delicious. I absolutely love the fact that they have main course and service great coffee as well thats comes in a package where you don\'t need to waste time hoping to another coffee place after a heavy meal.
TheThe Dark Devotion is arguably the best molten lava chocolate cake in Singapore! I swear by it due to the taste, side accompaniment and overall presentation. This dish is honestly a must-try if you ever visit TCC, especially if you are a chocolate lover and desire that molten chocolate that oozes out of the middle of the cake when you slice your fork through. The chocolate lava in the middle is simply divine! Also, the icecream on top of it is a superb combination with the cake that is served warm. The raspberry at the side brings a sour tinge to this dish and thus neutralises the sweetness of the cake and icecream. Perfect combination!
Wanted to have a light lunch and tried this Seared Tofu & Smoked Mushroom Mix. I love the seasoning they used for the greens - seems to be a mixture of balsamic vinegar and something else that\'s really appetising. The combination is really super yummy!! In fact I like the greens on the side rather than the seared tofu, which is quite bland and boring. Although the tofu is soft, it does not really have much flavour. This dish is saved by the salad sauce! If you like vege, go for this, but otherwise, stay away cos you\'ll be disappointed by the tofu and price
I tried the Shrooms Bite that turned out quite a disappointment. The crust is too thick for such a tiny miserable tart, indeed only bite size. Since it\'s such a bite size item, it really should have a thinner crust and pack the filling but this is the other way round! The photo shows how the shrooms bite look when split open. The filling is alright but not quite enough to achieve any omph factor, such a waste! If they had more, it would have been a very good dish.
ordered some side dishes to share with a few friends. the chicken wings was really big portion and certainly meant for sharing. the wings itself were nice and the sauce was really spicy so those who love spicy food, this will be a great choice. i also ordered the sandwhich which was deep fried, i could not remember what was the meat inside, i believed was clayfish or something but the taste was not bad and crunchy
although this place is really hard to go unless you have a car, the environment is really nice and has a beautiful scenery which i think is a good place to chill out. this time i ordered the beef steak with pastry below and i find the tastequite nicely complemented. the portion for the steak was also quite generous so i felt is quite worth the priceSpending: Approximately SGD 25(Dinner)
it is another gathering among us. Visited Clarke quay, we wants neither beer nor clubbing/chilling spot, spotted this TCC along the Clarke quay riverside. It is a rather small restaurant with another low light ambience. We ordered a mud pie, and drinks share. Besides being an ice-cream lover, I can remark that this mud pie tasted indeed better than LJS. Ordered another piece, as this small piece couldn’t curb crave. Since we had our meal, a light snack hangout place is definitely being some cool habitat like this.Spending: Approximately SGD 15
went down with some friends cause we have the birthday promo which gives us a 50% off for our food. i ordered the fresh catch which comes with a baked potato which was nice. for the fish, the gravy was quite creamy and it goes well with the fish. this time i tried their new brew of duchess earl grey, i think the taste was ok but there is this slight musky taste to it. however, tcc food are really too expensive so i wont really want to patron the place if there is no discount
went down to raffles place over the weekend so decided to chill out at tcc since there was not much shops that were open during weekend. when i was browsing through the drinks menu i saw this new drink that blend strawberry with cucumber syrup, i was really skeptical when i saw it as i cant imagine how cucumber syrup will tasted like but i still ordered it to try out of curiousity and it turned out pretty nice. it had a really refreshing taste with a slight cucumber taste to it. i also ordered seafood aglio oilo, the presentation looks nice but the portion is really little. but one of the staff there was really friendly so i was very pleased with the serviceSpending: Approximately SGD 30(Lunch)
Colleague and I went to TCC @ Anchorpoint for lunch the other day. The interior decoration here looks very relaxing. With pure white colour, the place looks very cozy. I ordered the Mushroom Tortellini Al Arabiatta ($17.50). I love the tangy feeling of the spicy tomato sauce, very appetizing! The mushroom stuffed pasta also well-cooked, neither too hard nor soaky! Good stuff!As for sweets, we ordered Royal pumpkin cheesecake ($6) and the Black forest swissroll. Pumpkin flavour is not over-powdering that you still get to taste the hint of cheese flavour. Very well-balanced. The fibered-texture of the cake is a plus too!To go with the sweets, we had Azuki Coffee and Café Latte. Both drinks are smooth, with great coffee aroma. However, the champion goes to the Azuki coffee! I never expected the taste of azuki beans would match with the coffee so well. A must try I reckon!
I visited on a weekday afternoon, peaceful ambience and food was served pretty fast. The TCC has always been one of the restaurants I enjoy due to one particular dessert called "Dark Devotion". It\'s a warm chocolate molten lava cake, small as it is but yummy like crazy! Look at the chocolate oozing out on the upper right of the first photo! Another dish I tried was the shrooms ragout, I think that\'s what it was called. That one was alright, nothing great. Similarly, the spaghetti was just slightly above average, nothing to really rave about. The prices have gone up from their beginning days though so it\'s no longer my favourite haunt. Instead it has become a place I go to only for that particular dessert and not so much the main meals.
Was here with a friend for our teabreak. As usual, I have ordered my all time favorite coffee - a choco mocha frappeI! I love the chocolate and coffee taste with lots of whipped cream! It was quite thick and strong. I do like the cozy and relaxing ambience enviromentwhile enoying my coffee. Love and enjoy their coffee which is thicker and stronger. Its really a nice cafe for a drink or meal! Spending: Approximately SGD 8
Finally got the chance to catch up with an old friend.Decided to choose TCC as that is the only place that wasn\'t too crowded.I ordered the Tiramisu.Not the best I have tasted but it was good enough for me.This dessert wasn\'t too sweet and the cream that was added in the cup was yummy.I quite like the presentation also.My friend ordered the high-tea set just because she wanted to have scones and we were told that they don\'t sell scones separately.She has to order the afternoon high-tea set in order for her to have the scones.The set comes with tiny little pieces of cute food produce.I find the presentation extremely fascinating especially the green tea macaroon.We have no idea what the rest of the items are but they tasted great.It is my tradition to order lychee jazz whenever I dine in TCC.This time is no exception.I like how I get the stir the syrup that is sunk at the bottom of the glass.I cleaned up the entire glass of sryrup drink.
As Sis is a member of TCC, she was supposed to get a 50% discount card for her Birthday which she did not receive. The store manager Hafeez Hassan at citylink was very kind to check for us and said he can get the card sent down to his store for her Birthday celebration so that we could use it. He actually called us back about the Birthday discount & the lunch party arrangement. He said he would play a Birthday song when the birthday cake was served but this did not happened as he was not on duty when we had the lunch party and his staffs did not know about it. We decided to have the little party at this branch due to his excellent service.We actually got the Birthday 50% discounts on our meal and Birthday cake.We ordered a MatchAzuki Dream as a Birthday cake. It is layer of green tea sponge with Japanese Red Bean.The cake has green tea mouse and the green is not too sweetFor Appetizer we ordered theBaby Crayfish Salad and Shrooms Bites. The salad has generous amount of Crayfish on top of Baby Romains lettuce and pieces of avocado and crunchy tobiko added colour to the nice presentation. This is a nice combination.Another favourite is Shrooms bites which is a mushroom filling in puff pastry served hot. It is nice little snacks, best taken as it is served hot. It happens that they were serving their X\'mas Menu which we ordered as part of the Birthday celebration.We had the Turkey Chestnut Lux which is tender slices of turkey breast served with chestnut stuffing and cranberry sauce. Accompanied with carrots.We also ordered the other X\'mas Main which is Stack of Ocean Treasure. This consists of Hake fish sitting on a bed of smoky tomatoes sauce.Mum orderedBaked Chicken Thigh with Wholegrain Mustard Sauce from the regular menu. The juicy chicken thigh is oven baked and served with mustard sauce.For drinks we tried their X\'mas special such as Jolly Choco-man which is cappuccino top with a chocolate man. White X\'mas Stardust is blended ice decorated in bronze stars & the glass is coated with sweeten cinnamon dust with 2 pieces of macaroons. It looks very beautiful and the not sweet drink goes well with the macaroons.
it was tea break~! my friend and i was around citylink area.. we went to TCC to have some dessert we ordered each of us a cup of ice blended coffee and Chocolate Grottine. their coffee tasted really nice.. as for the Chocolate Grottine.. it was rather special.. the surrounding is the chocolate sheet... inside filled up with chocolate mousse and diced strawberries it was really nice
Most of my friends agree that tcc serves one of the better tasting pastas around. This time, I had their Crispy Oyster and Shimeiji Mushroom pasta which was really awesome.As usual, the pasta items never disappoint. The mushroom sauce was very flavourful. Great pairing of ingredients. I love the huge breaded flour covered oysters served. Their pastas are rather pricey though. The best time to enjoy their pastas is during their 1 for 1 pasta promotion, which is usually up during the Great Singapore Sale season. So the next time they have this promo go grab someone and head straight there for your pasta fix!
Love the ambience at tcc. Always very relaxing to just chill at tcc while enjoying a cup of nice latte. This time, we had lunch at tcc! Their spaghetti was surprisingly good! Very appetizing and chewy. when it arrive, the presentation took my breath away. The way the plate up the dish is indeed very appetizing. I especially love the sauce, it is very tasty, brings out the flavours of the pasta.
The last time I was here with a friend, I had a simple Hot Chocolate (comes with two mini cookies) and my friend had a Toffee Choc Frappe. Hot Chocolate could have done with a bit more chocolatey taste. From what I had, it tasted just like cocoa powder with milk, lots and lots of milk. I visit tcc quite often with my family. Their Caramel Ginger Crumble Crush is a winner for me, on days I don\'t mind the caffeine. I just wish they would up their glass sizes a bit, afterall $8 for a drink is pretty hefty. If you\'re here for a bite, you\'ve got to try their Shrooms Bite. Honestly, it\'s flaky, buttery pastry oozing with creamy mushroom filling will take you to heaven and back. Unfortunately, I don\'t have a picture of these with me, but you could visit their website and take a look.Spending: Approximately SGD 7.5
My friend brought me to TCC for an advanced birthday celebration. She surprised me with a mini cake and TCC took the liberty of lighting it with a candle and bringing it to me after we were both seated. The cake was chocolate and had a huge chunk of chocolate at the sides and strawberries on top. It was extremely creamy and light at the same time; one of the best I\'ve had at TCC. The serving was just right to end the meal with. The staff at TCC also wished me happy birthday as they served us our main dishes. I really do like their service - thumbs up!
I always thought TCC served expensive drinks, but after today. i realised i was wrong. TCC does not served expensive drinks, but they served quality drinks. I would advise one to have set meal then it will be more worth it to order i order the choco mocha frappe and a piece of Raspberry Chocolate Cake. The mocha is just nice not too sweet and not too bitter. While the cake got 3 layers so you can taste 3 layers of tastes Enjoy the cake a lot .
I really love TCC for their simple but divine slices of cake. I had the chocolate cake which was really moist. The amount of fudge was just right and it tasted bitter sweet which gave me the right amount of sugar rush I needed. I love the ambiance of the place which always makes me feel at home. The staff are always friendly and approachable. They are really polite when taking orders and have always made me feel so welcomed! This is definitely one place I like going to after a stressful day
we were thirsty.. and thought of getting a nice drink.. and we came by TCC =) we ordered Marble Cheesecake Coffee, Oreo milkshake and Berry nutty. both drinks were rather special especially the cheesecake coffee.. it was sweet and did not taste weird. i love it. so does the milk shake and berry nutty which was not that sour.
After a day of walking around robertson quay, I decided to reward myself by having some sinful stuff like cheesecake Since robertson quay is catered more towards restaurants and pubs (mostly closed in the afternoon), I finally found a TCC where I could take a break from walking. I ordered a cappuccino cheesecake ($7.90) as it was strongly recommended by the waiter. This heavenly cappuccino cheesecake is beautifully presented with decadent double chocolate ice cream and cocoa streusel. It was velvety smooth and sinfully rich. I love the chocolate ice cream too - a perfect combination with cake;since chocolate and cocoacontain good source of antioxidant. Normally, I can drink a cup of coffee on its own. But, if I had a cake or some other snacks, then I would prefer to have a hot beverage to go with. Flat white ($4.90) has always been my all time favourite. Simply love its smooth texture Not forgetting it was accompanied with 2 yummy cookies Spending: Approximately SGD 12.80(Tea)
Venue: Deep in the belly of the store, there\'s nothing much to look at. But it\'s right in the middle of Orchard if you\'re dying of thirst. Value: What value? There\'s no value here. You couldn\'t get a cup of coffee to save your life! One coffee is $8? What wonderful special beans are they using? Not even Blue Mountain! Service: Blah. Food: Double blah. Sugary flavourless nonsense mixed into tea and coffee and served in tall glasses. Puh-lease! No wonder they\'re never packed at any of their stores! Probably the food is much better than the coffee. We prefer their pasta and some of their cakes to any of their drinks.
Tcc - The Connoisseur Concerto at Beach centre is really quiet even on weekends. I went there on a Saturday and there was not much crowd. I ordered the strawberry yoghurt drink mixed with coffee. It costs $8.90++ for the drink. It tasted refreshing and the combination blended well. Tcc makes a great place to chill as the sofas are comfortable.Spending: Approximately SGD 8.90(Tea)
Setting - in the CBD, but it wan\'t crowded on a Friday night, which was great. Hardly anyone. Clean, tidy place. Bright and light. Easy to find just out of the MRT. Value - it\'s alright when there\'s a promotion. Otherwise it\'s rather expensive for a single piece of cake. Service - great. Very fast, efficient, polite - probably because there wasn\'t any customers there. Food - Had the Devils Chocolate cake which is supposed to have raspberry bits in between but we didn\'t taste any raspberries except for the one on top. It\'s very rich, like a cheese cake and very delicious! But you might feel sick after polishing off one because it is so super rich. The Chocolate Confession was super yummy! The ganache was really really good. There\'s supposed to be "gold dust" on it but we didn\'t se any gold dust. The hazelnut base really compliments the cake. Addictive and very moreish all the way till the end! Keeps well in the fridge. We actually had it out of the fridge for a long time, as we went pub-hopping for 6 hours carrying it everywhere! It was still very good by the time we ate it! Best served a little bit chilled. Recommended!
My boyfriend and I headed to TCC for dessert after a scrumptious dinner. My boyfriend had the cappuccino cheesecake while I had the molten chocolate cake which was irresistible. It ahd chocolate oozing out of the warm cake. However, my cake did take nearly 10mins longer to arrive but it was worth the wait. Might have been a little too pricey for such a small portion though. I also had the frosty Bailey\'s. Surprisingly, the content of the Bailey\'s was higher then expected. Overall, we enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. Staff were also prompt with water refills.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Night Snack)
Have you notice the nice design of The Connoisseur Concerto outlets? Unlike most brands where they have the iconic design, each and every The Connoisseur Concerto has different design which make you want to explore each outlet! This outlet I went at Clarke QuayThe Pier @ Robertson outlet is design with:The food simply taste better with such atmosphere! The services here was also very polite and manner. A look through their menu I notice The Connoisseur Concerto serve more than desserts and drinks! The Connoisseur Concerto serve amazing mains and sides as well. I just realize they serve breakfast too.Even their ice water come in cute little glassware, every details count at The Connoisseur Concerto!I had the Yuzu Scented Spaghetti with Teriyaki Salmon which was new on their menu. It taste spicy and sweet with chili padi in it! This dish really suit most Singaporeans taste bud. Their salmon is of the right texture and right bite. Just that the salmon look small with the spaghetti. Notice the artistic presentation of the sweet sauce on the plate? My appetite was boost with such lovely food presentation. We ordered the calamari rings to share and it was crispy and chewy, a dip with the sauce just make it simply perfect.After the good experience at this outlet, I just felt like patronizing all The Connoisseur Concerto outlets - nice food, great atmosphere.
TCC @ Velocity is definitely an ideal place for a good coffee along with a cake. The high tea set is greatly affordable for people who loves to have some small sweet bites. Although it\'s a cafe, it does serve main courses and pasta. One of my favorites is seafood aglio olio which can be requested to be less spicy or non-spicy if you can\'t take any spicy food. Remember to order the famous dark devotion after your meal! Staffs of TCC do provide an excellent service too! They would surely try their very best to go along with customers\' requests!
Nice chocolate concoction. Forgot what it\'s called. TCC has nice cutesy cakes. And lots of chocolate cakes. Costs about $6++ per piece. Doesn\'t taste too fresh - seems to have been sitting on the shelf for a couple of days? Still, it\'s hard to go wrong with chocolate. Very small piece of dessert that is gobbled up in one go! The strawberries tone down the sweetness and creaminess of the cake. Nice chocolatey balance. Would have taken more photos but it was gone in one bite. Recommended. Wished it was fresher!
The cakes at TCC are not bad. But I don\'t see that many people buying it. I hope it\'s not been on the shelves too long! I usually pop in every other day and sometimes it looks like the cakes haven\'t moved at all. This time I had the green tea adzuki bean cake. Rather pricey at around $6++ a skinny slice. It tasted alright. Just sweet enough and very rich and creamy. It\'s very light and since it\'s only a small serve you don\'t feel sick eating just one piece. Best to go with coffee. There\'s a green tea sponge layered with green tea cream and some adzuki beans randomly mixed into one of the layers. I like the presentation of it - all pretty and green. Very zen and calming. I feel like I got this cake from a Japanese cake shop! The staff try to be friendly and helpful but they always seem flustered or don\'t undertsand me. Is my English so different to theirs? Recommended cake. Nice comfy chairs to lounge in too. TCC is a nice place to hang out and chill.
Being a member of the TCC, I frequently received their new promotions through e-mails and they never failed to surprise me. It could be their update on promotion of their exquisite high tea set or their innovative dishes that complements with the festive season (i.e. during Halloween, they came up with a drink that comes with spooky eyeballs!) I\'ve been visiting the TCC for their coffee, main courses and have also tried their cheesecakes before. However, when my colleague brought in this cake to the office from the TCC, everyone was pretty amazed by it due to its striking violet color. We started guessing what flavor it is and how nice it looks. Some guessed it was dragon fruit, others thought it was blueberry. Even after tasting it, nobody can give a definite answer.It was only after researching on the TCC\'s website that we found out the answer. This cake was called Royal Cassis for violet is the colour of royalty and cassis is actually a European black currant that was used mainly to make CRÈME DE CASSIS liqueur and black currant syrup. That explains the sour taste to it. With the sweet white chocolate mousse cake and the sour cassis topping, this cake is perfect and refreshing for something different. Try it for a royalty feel.
I am a big fan of English Breakfast tea. So this time round, I decided to try out the Special breakfast. Actually, I didn\'t taste anything special about the tea except that the price is an astonishing $8.50 per pot. The good thing about TCC is that you can ask for hot water refill and the ambiance was cosy enough to read a good book.
The spicy fried chicken wings were not worth the money. It was fried till too dark and they taste like they had been re-fried and served. The meat was not tasty and does not felt like they were marinated. My friend ordered an expresso drink which had liquor in it, it taste good. The pumpkin cheesecake taste well blended and delicious.Spending: Approximately SGD 15(Night Snack)
well this is the only photo i have the rest i could not find it i just love their coffee and desserts you should try their ice latte if you love ice cream with coffee thats definitely a must try too pure and sweet next time i shall see what else i can take and share with you guys more
i like to eat salad its healthy =) well this is the first time i had seafood salad the usual ones i had was chicken.. caesar type and some japanese well this salad is called Prawns rendezvous salad with honey mustard dressing well i love honey mustard as it taste sour and sweet the prawns are fresh so are the greens! u should try it too~
this outlet shld haf the best view among cafe coz got "sea" view. wouldnt know this place existed if my friend didnt drive us in so is quite inaccessible to go there other than cab or car. tried their cakes and coffee. they have quite a large variety of coffee and some quite unique flavours like lime espresso or something. the cakes all look very nice but the taste was average so was a bit disappointed and the price was not cheap so i think for dessert, tcc isnt the place to goSpending: Approximately SGD 10
I like the spacious seats and not so crowded atmosphere here. You can linger around for hours chatting and reading to pass your lazy afternoon. It is a place that serves a wide variety of coffee and tea, both hot and cold. I loved their Jap red bean ice blend drink, and other special types of drink that they had mixed. Their coffee offer the widest choice to choose from. Their food, both snacks and main, are great. I loved their wedges, fried mushrooms and many more. Main dish, I like their chicken chop together with a curry. Overall, good.
TCC is one of my favourite cafe to enjoy some peace and relaxation. Love spending my Saturday afternoons in TCC with my laptop and just do some work. Will always order their Oreo Mocha Frappe which has a perfect blend of Orea with Mocha. The brownie n Oreo Cheesecake is really good too! What are you waiting for? Head down to TCC now! Spending: Approximately SGD 13
The Mentaiko Spaghetti with Salmon Tataki never fails to delight me. This is the reason why I will choose this main course when I visit TCC for lunch or dinner. I love the way the egg is cooked (or half cooked) as I can mix the yolk with the sauce of the pasta. Delicious! However, I find that the service staff at TCC weren\'t very prompt (as they were very busy) and I noted that TCC has recently increased the price of their food by approximately $2 for each of their food item, which I think is quite a substantial amount given that their food was already kinda expensive as compared to most of the other chain cafes.Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Lunch)
Simply love this fabulous dessert and its presentation.... this warm dark chocolate cake is moist yet soft, with chocolate lava oozing out smoothly, gently, temptingly. It is not too chocolatey, best to top with vanilla ice cream (the warmness from the cake and the cold ice cream is a heaven match combination, it\'s like melt in your mouth kind of feeling, yummy), its sweetness is well complemented with summer berries, and mint leaves.The delicate orange sesame tuile is lightweight, dry, crisp, comes in a dizzying array and delectable Spending: Approximately SGD 11(Other)
I like the cakes from TCC alot. Especially the Cocoa L\'amore, it\'s my favourite. If you don\'t like really sweet stuff, you might not like this because it\'s quite sweet. There\'s 3 layers for Cocoa L\'amore, on top is white chocolate then milk chocolate then dark chocolate. The mixture of this 3 chocolate is heavenly, it taste wonderful! And the cake is without any flour or anything, it\'s just made out of chocolate and cream. It\'s taste like ice cream cake hahah! Also, TCC offers a wide range of cakes. Both in slices or whole cake. They have fruity cakes, rum cakes, cheesecake and chocolate cakes. I have tried a few of them and all taste sweet and good! If you haven\'t try it yet, maybe you can hop down to one of the outlet and give it a try! It definitely won\'t be disappointing.
This is my favourite dish in TCC. Yup, and TCC is one of my favourite restaurant. Seafood Aglio Olio - It\'s spaghetti cooked in aglio olio style with juicy prawns and scallops... garnished with a lime wedge, chilli powder and spring onion. Other than the special mixture of sauce to the spaghetti, it\'s also not very dry nor wet. It\'s just nice and you\'ll feel like eating more after one serving haha! The texture and taste is just nice! Also, in tcc they also offer to customers a wide range of other pasta. Give it a try if you haven\'t try it yet, especially the seafood aglio olio pasta!!!!!!
I tried the new menu at tcc - The Connoisseur Concerto recently. I ordered the fried mussels pasta cooked in oglio oglio style. It costs around $18 for a plate of pasta. The spaghetti is cooked at the right temperature and the mussels are fresh as well. They are crispy which goes well with the pasta. Nice ambience for dining.Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Lunch)
This is one of my favourite places for coffee and chill out. I love how they do unusual things to the typical coffee latte. I ordered the ginger caramel crumble latte (I can\'t remember the exact name). I did have some reservations about this drink, thinking how can ginger and coffee go together. When my drink arrived, it looks quite pretty. Caramel settled at the bottom, with ginger cookie crumble on top. Surprisingly, I found it pretty good. The ginger crumble gave the drink a little crunchiness, which I like very much.
Atas friends wants a good lunch as we are all depressed with work. One of us suggested going to the little known TCC at Keppel Bay and the deal is set. Driving into Keppel Bay, you already feel like you\'re off to a different country. With the blue skies, beautiful bridge and yachts bobbing in the waters, it\'s easy to relax and think of how great it\'ll be to be rich!! I ordered a 2-course set meal for $22.80++ and it included: 1) French onion soup - you know it\'s not from the can as it was choke full of onion slices and very rich in taste. My colleague who also had this found it too bitter for her. I liked mine tho. 2) Seafood Aglio Olio - reviews have shown that this is a good dish and they\'re right! The spaghetti is served al dente and well tossed with garlic and olive oil. They also serve it with 2 succulent scallops and 2 tiger prawns, well seared on the sides to achieve the fresh taste of seafood and maintain its juiciness. Nice! 3) Ceylon Tea - came with the set and it\'s normal tea. Good enough. They served (free) ice water as well and the service staff are very attentive. Kudos to the team! A most pleasurable lunch indeed.Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Lunch)
erm, i think the food are not super fantastically nice, still ok but too pricey.. my friend had the 50% off discount for bday so is still affordable or else will b like sgd40+ per pax which i think is too x for a cafe.. but for the ocean catch the baked potato is nice. the desserts r not too bad either.. but gd to haf a drink coz the beverage menu has quite a large varietySpending: Approximately SGD 35(Dinner)
strawberry yoghurt cake from Tcc strawberry isfresh,cake not very sweet goes well with yogurt ,yogurt taste a bit mild feel like i\'m eating those cupstrawberry yogurt
salmon mentaiko spaghetti $19 Still the same as the one i had before. Equally nice. Awesome pasta with 7-8 pieces of salmon half-cooked on top. The mentaiko sauce went well with the pasta, and tasted like crab vongole. Since i haven\'t tried mentaiko before, this is very new and creative pasta for me. The salmon was cooked at the outer part and a bit uncooked in the middle so u can have some freshness of the salmon when you taste it.seafood aglio olio pasta My friend ordered this. This dish serves with big juicy fresh prawns which was my favourite. The spaghetti was al dente and i like the presentation of the dish too !! Lemon was given to be sprinkled on the pasta and prawns Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Lunch)
I love this outlet of TCC, overlooking the sea, ships and gave the feeling of calmness. this place is great for after dinner desserts, drink, chill outs or romantic dates in the evenings...the service staffs are pleasant and friendly. i particularly love the mushroom salad..forgot the full name for it .. the salad greens are fresh and blend very nicely with the mushroom\'s taste.the crispy stuff in the salad add to the rich overall texture of the dish. its a healthy alternative to those health conscious over the many choices for desserts & mains. Spending: Approximately SGD 10(Other)
Ocean Symphony Nice seafood sandwich as dinner at tcc. The seafood patty is full with seafood flavour with some chunks of fish. Veggies are fresh, and I like the pickles, sour and refreshing.D\'tcc Ti-rum-misu Seriously I like this cake!! as the name suggests, it has strong and rich rum flavour. The mousse is smooth, with nice coffee flavour~ Spending: Approximately SGD 20(Dinner)
I went down town to meet a friend for lunch and we decided on TCC@ Millenia Walk primarily because it wasn’t very crowded, which allowed us to have our lunch in peace without having to vacate the seat quickly for the crowd queuing outside some of the other restaurants. The problem with going for chain restaurants is that you tend to stick to the same old food all the time -which means I had the seafood aglio olio again. On the other hand, my friend was more adventurous and he ordered the crispy oyster and shimeiji spaghetti.The aglio olio was nice, as usual, because the prawns and scallops were fresh. The crispy oyster tasted great when it first arrived, but we should have placed it separately as it soon became soggy.
Went to bugis for relax after test. My friends and I just wentto walk around without the intention to shop. and finally when it comes to dinner time, we are so excited to discuss which restaurant to go and tadaaa~! Here we went to tcc - the connoisseur concerto.Baked Chicken Thigh with Wholegrain Mustard Sauce $18.9 The two pieces of tender and juicy chicken thigh given were big chunks, and topped with nice looking whole grain mustard sauce. The garden veggie were great, very fresh and generous in portion. The fried potato is what i like, soft and baked with skin, tasted nice with the sauce too!Pan-seared Chicken Breast with Shogayaki Sauce $18.9 This chicken is smaller in portion but equally good! the sauce has a tinge of sweetness and teriyaki flavour. however this portion wouldnt be enough for a guy.Mentaiko Spaghetti with Salmon Tataki $19 Awesome pasta with 7-8 pieces of salmon half-cooked on top. The mentaiko sauce went well with the pasta, and tasted like crab vongole. Since i haven\'t tried mentaiko before, this is very new and creative pasta for me. The salmon was cooked at the outer part and a bit uncooked in the middle so u can have some freshness of the salmon when you taste it.Beef D\'luxe $14 The beef patties were very thick, tender and juicy! On top there is apples slices which refreshes the appetite, and it actually went well with the beef. besides apple, there is also some pickles as to ease away the oiliness. Nice bread with some herb smell.Cheesy Shrooms Gratin $13.5 The portion was rather small. The pasta was al dente, with tomato based sauce and some chicken cubes and mushroom, nothing very special about this dish, and my friend complaint about the sizing of this dish. So if you are starving, better don\'t order this.Crisp-Club Sandwich $13.8 Crispy and wholesome bread with a few layers of stuffs inside. Inside there is egg mayonnaise, crispy fried bacon strips, cheese slice, fresh veggies, tomatoes and some chicken meat. Quite nice, though i would like to have it as lunch, this is very filling! And it would be best to go with a cup of coffee (Y) Somehow i thought this would be some high class place for working adults and businessmen to have high tea. Never thought we (students) will dined in here, but after the first time, i would definitely visit again!
with more than 30 TCC outlets(according to their website) dotted all over the island you would think having been in Singapore all my life i would have eaten here at least once but nooo... yesterday was my very first visit, and all because the outlet at Anchorpoint’s so impossibly dreamy - think huge faux white framed casement windows, sweet little garden railings and sheer lace curtains!the instant you step into the restaurant you can literally feel the air around you mellow. we were shown to a corner table which was great because we love our privacy and the chairs were huge and cushiony – perfect to sit back, relax, and have a nice long quiet chat. unfortunately we had some difficulty catching the attention of the staff when we were ready to order and again when we wanted the bill.i was feeling pasta and i prefer creamy based to tomato based ones so with fingers crossed i decided to go for the Smoked Halibut Tagliatelle. sadly, i didn’t like it, probably because I never take raw food (no sashimi and noescargot for me please) and the Halibut in my dish came cold and uncooked. i also felt that the sauce had a fishy taste.the ever-safe boyfriend choosed the seafood aglio olio and he Loved it! the pasta was garlicky and had the right amount of spicy in it and the scallops and prawns were just lightly pan-fried so there\'s a very slight crisp outside and very soft and fresh meat insidethe peppermint-choc frappe i had was more peppermint than chocolate whilst i like it more chocolaty with a minty after-taste so i didn\'t quite like my choice of drink which had a tinge of bitter in it. despite some bad choices made in my less than awesome first visit at TCC, i\'m sure you\'ll catch me back again for this:pancakes with a name like castle in the clouds!? yes, please!
we went there for drink i always ordered nutty mocca $8.90 u can choose if u want whipped cream usually i wont put whipped cream as too oily,creamy i like nutty mocca ,however it would be more nicer if they could add in more nut i alo tried before their cheesecake very nice cheese smell,not too creamy nor sweet their services was good,when we walked in they wil greet all customersSpending: Approximately SGD 10(Other)
The menu i love to eat at TCC. The environment was great and perfect for relaxing, the food here was nice too.Prawn Aglio olio I always love aglio olio. This dish serves with big juicy fresh prawns which was my favourite. The spaghetti was al dente and i like the presentation of the dish too !! Lemon was given to be sprinkled on the pasta and prawns.Crispy Oyster and Shimeiji Spaghetti NEW one! The breaded oyster were really crispy and serves hot! Fresh too. The pasta was al dente and well seasoned, with the nice mushroom flavour. Aglio olio type. Highly recommended.Nutty Mocha Frappé, Chocolate Cookies Frappé, Chocolate of Wealth ALL ARE AWESOME !!
I hate a very filling lunch at TCC. I ordered the Pan-seared Chicken Breast with Shogayaki Sauce. when it arrive, the presentation took my breath away. The way the plate up the dish is indeed very appetizing. I especially love the sauce, it is very tasty, brings out the flavours of the chicken. The meat is so tender and juicy… it is absolutely delicious!
Love the ambience at tcc. Always very relaxing to just chill at tcc while enjoying a cup of nice latte. This time, we had lunch at tcc! Their spaghetti was surprisingly good! Very appetizing and chewy. Their salmon was good too! very fresh and not too overcooked Enjoyed my lunch there, thank you tcc
i love TCC pastas, it always never fail to make my day. brought my family on a lunch treat to tcc. i ordered their seafood aglio, it was fantastic! the seafood were very fresh, it even had natural sweetness. the spaghetti was very smooth, it even glides down my throat. i am very satisfied with this lip smacking meal!
My wife and I always like to go Keppel Bay, it is one our favourite dating place. We always like to go to the TCC to enjoy ourself. I remember last month, we went there for dessert and coffee just after our dinner at Vivocity. We ordered the strawberry yogurt cake and a chocolate cake with banana ice cream.The strawberry yogurt cake tasted like swiss-roll and the chocolate cake tasted like a brownie. Beside the pastries, i also my favourite cafe latte. Overall, we are happy wih the dessert, price quite affordable and service is good.
At tcc, not only do they have a wide range of hot and cold beverages, there are also quite many choices of main course to choose from.Especially love their cheesy baked rice, simply delicious!Lots of cheese and sliced mushrooms are used to baked this rice dish which make it so fragrant and yummy! Two thumbs up!My verdict: 7/10Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Dinner)
red hot chicken Spaghetti Quite a nice one. The sauce was not too spicy, not as the food title claimed. Spaghetti was al dente.Shroom & splash gratin Cheese baked penne with rich creamy gravy at the bottom. The mushroom was so nice even my friend who doesn\'t eat mushroom can finish all the mushroom inside.Ebon Forest The bread was soft with nice flour and yeast smell. the ingredient was in generous portion. perfect for a lunch.Spaghetti bolognese Just so-so. Normal one and nothing special. Anyway the portion was quite big too.
Inconsistent food at TCC! We usually have this pasta dish but today, we were served only slivers of super thin cut little pieces of salmon! It was so terrible as the salmon makes the dish. not to mention we\'ve had this at other outlets and they serve thick slices of salmon, as per the picture on the menu! The fish eggs in the pasta made it super tasty. but really upset about the pathetic salmon pieces. Would return the dish but it was peak hour and they will surely try to delay us further if we returned the dish. Hopefully TCC will be more consistent in their food standard!
The pasta is very smooth and well cooked. From the picture, you can see that the noodles has a glossy appearance which is believed to be olive oil. It is slightly spicy. The prawn and scallop is very fresh and sweet. The seafood could have been more. The azuki bean beverage is my favourite. The drink is sweet and the azuki bean tastes very good. The coffee aroma is fantastic too.
It was my friends\'s birthday that day. We bought him a birthday cake from TCC and guess what?! It tastes heavenly nice!. The moment i put that into my mouth, i could taste and smell the chocolate-ty flavour of the cake. The smell and taste were different as compared to other chocolate cake i\'ve tasted. It\'s just so nice. I was eating happily, so was the birthday boy. haha! I hope i can have this cake as my birthday present toooo! haa. or i\'ll buy that again for my friend\'s birthday as It worth the money!
This Chestnut Fairytale is one of the Tcc new product. What i like about TCC dessert is that the dessert is not very sweet but appropriate and the delicacy. i love how is the presentation of Chestnut Fairytale, the combination is very very nice.The berries are sweet and sour, with the unique taste of Chestnut parfait and cake are near to perfect! Beside that it stated that this dessert is high in protein! i love the fine texture and i definitely willing to pay $8.50 for this dessert.
The brownie looked very tempting when I ordered it, but when I tried it, it was not as good as it looked. The only nice part of the brownie was the strawberry. It was dry and not the worth the price at all. The service rendered was good, but it is such a pity that the brownie did not taste as good as it looked.
Yesterday i was very tired after a whole day work. I decided to find a cosy place to relax my mind, so my hubby and i went to TCC at Keppel Bay. This place is always one of my favourite choice as the scenary is very beautiful. Luckily the place was not so crowded and we can slowly eat our cakes and drinks. But this place must have a car to drive in, as it was not so convenient to walk in.
TCC (The Connoisseur Concerto) has always been a safe choice for me when it comes to chilling out. It is always brightly decorated, comfy and of course clean! I ordered a burger, "The Veal Thing" which I really enjoyed eating. It seemed to have all the right ingredients perfectly mixed together. A simple meal yet definitely delicious and tasty! The sausage was also pretty filing! We ordered dessert too! Their chocolate molten cake was heavely! It was moist and warm on the inside, simply melted in your mouth with each bite. I\'ll definitely be back for more!
The cake was not all that. The cake had not taste at all and it tasted worst than the ones they sell at a normal bakery. Only the strawberry was nice. The cut-up fruits inside the cake looked a bit gross. I didn’t finish the cake eventually. I would never go back again.
First time I tried TCC is at Changi Airport. It tastes good, something closes to starbucks. My aunt ordered a latte or something, something simple and hot because the place is awfully cold. The price is high, something I don\'t really like. I like cheap and delicious stuff. After all, the drink is still nice. expensive but nice.
Had the chocolate cake which tastes like Ferrero Rocher. Don\'t know what it\'s called but it has a hazelnut taste in the crust. This has to be the best cake in TCC. However, it might have been sitting on the shelves for too long as it didn\'t taste very fresh. The service is rather pretencious as the staff are smiling yet mumbling under their breath about something. The cake itself is rich and chocolatey and the hazelnut taste makes it taste really good. There is supposed to be gold dust on top but it\'s sorted of melted from sitting on the shelves for too long. The chocolate ganache is thick and rich. It\'s surprisingly not too sweet.
My first time trying the food menu at TCC! Dined in here for lunch on a weekday and I remember there was a 1-for-1 lunch promotion. I had the Ocean Sur\'fin, something like pan-seared salmon with roasted potato wedges and asparagus. It was surprisingly tasty! The salmon was tender and the potato wedges weren\'t too soft, turning mushy.
This is supposedly chocolate obsession. But it\'s all melted and doesn\'t taste especially good. It must been on the shelf for too long as it looks old. The entire piece was melting and too soft. It\'s like melted cream. The service is rather weird as the staff are smiling but they\'re trying to avoid eye contact with you. The raspberry is the highlight of the cake. The macaron was just a meringue. It\'s a bit too sweet and doesn\'t really taste that good. Presentation is good.
Love the sofas and couches at TCCs. Makes as a cosy, comfy hideaway. I don\'t really like their small tables. Their decor is pretty cool too. Some days they have fresh cakes, and some days the cakes are not as fresh. When it\'s fresh, the chocolate cakes are to die for. Especially the 2 that I got. I always get the same cakes as the other ones don\'t taste as good! Don\'t really fancy their coffees and coffee bean is better. Coffees at TCC are usually mixed drinks with extras like beans and other stuff. For purists, blended drinks aren\'t really as good as just pure coffee.
Todayafter work, my wife asked me to meet her at Central to have dinner. I drove down and reached there about 6.30pm. My wife came abit late as her meeting end late. When she reached, we don\'t really know want to have our dinner. We walked around and decided to stop at TCC to have our dinner.I gone through the menu and decided to have Ocean Surfin and my wife have baked chicken thigh. My wife also help me ordered a cafe latte as she know that i am latte lover.Overall, i think the food taste okie only but latte is good, price quite affordable too.
If you ask me what is my last pasta dish dipped in tomato-sauce base, Mentaiko Spaghetti with Salmon Tataki atThe Connoisseur Concerto is highly recommended. I always patronize TCC for this pasta dish and it never fails to whet my appetite. The spaghetti is springy most of the time. The salmon is semi-grilled to perfection. Its portion is also just right to complement well the spaghetti. Most notable is the combination taste of mentaiko and its tomato-based sauce. The pasta sauce does not overpower the sweetness of salmon. Rather the spaghetti is mixed absolutely well, when the salmon paired up marvelously with the semi-cooked sunshine egg. Every bite makes me craving for more. Good thing about this dish is forfeited with high omega-3 and vitamins from the egg. Free from guilt-eating too! Spending: Approximately SGD 11(Dinner)
I rarely visit any Tcc outlets, rather i go usually to starbucks for my coffee fix. But i have to admit when it comes to chilling out with friends, any tcc outlet is way more comfortable and much less crowded. Being a fan of any red bean related food, i went straight for the Azuki Coffee. And regrettably, it is just not my cup of tea, or rather, not my cup of coffee. I was impressed when it first came; it looks pretty with all the colour in different layers . But the whole coffee was way too sweet. Even the red bean are. And the coffee is not smooth to the throat. The bits of red bean in the coffee irritates my throat so much that i kept coughing.Quite disappointed.
My friend and i meet up at TCC @ The Central to go for 1 for 1 Main course promotion. I ordered Crispy Oyster and Shimeiji Spaghetti and my friend ordered Seafood Aglio Olio. Very coincidence, the both main course that we ordered are the same price. So we just need to split the bill to half. Both of these main courses taste good. I will recommend to my friends to enjoy this special promotion.
We\'ve been having lunch at TCC almost daily! Today we had the Salmon Mentaiko pasta which had an egg and fresh salmon slices on top. It was fantastic! Best pasta so far! Nice flavours and spices! Very recommended! At $19, it was alright, but slightly overpriced. The Jalepeno Salmon was alright. It had lotus root which was chilli hot as it was cooked in chilli. The Jalepeno sauce looked like vomit - it\'s green... The salmon was very tough and dry, as if it\'s been microwaved and sitting somewhere for a long time. Not tender or fresh at all. Skip this unless you dn\'t mind tough salmon. Plus the potato was skimpy! At $22.50, this is overpriced. The service is alright but some of the staff seem to be unable to converse in English... but they are always very polite and courteous. Food was served under 15 minutes. Might have been sitting around waiting to be microwaved... Water is always provided and free! Recommended for lunch!
If you haven\'t visited TCC recently, here\'s a fun fact for you: the coffee chain has strangely been changed from The Coffee Connoisseur to The Connoisseur Concerto. Like several other coffee chains, TCC offers a range of breakfast items to start off your day, including scrambled egg croissants and American breakfast sets. Yes, raisins are a rich source of iron but I would recommend ignoring the questionable health claims scattered all over the menu. Castle in the Clouds ($9.50++) was overloaded with so many raisins, they must have made up half the volume of the pancake batter! On their own, the pancakes were fluffy but overly sweet and crumbly, so much so that I started wondering if I was eating 马拉糕 (a traditional Chinese steamed sponge cake) instead. While the generous portion of glazed apples stuffed between the layers were nicely crunchy, they rendered this dish even sweeter. In contrast, the dollop of cinnamon cream was insufficient for the stack. My favorite component of this dish were actually the sweet berries on the side. Perhaps I should have gone for the organic pancakes instead, but again, I\'d rather have Hotcakes at McDonald\'s.
Mention The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) and people will most likely think of their coffee but not me! Whenever I go there, I will ask for either the Tuna Tataki Spaghetti or Mentaiko Spaghetti with Salmon Tataki. The fish is cooked just right so that it melts in my mouth and the pasta is cooked just right - al dente.Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Dinner)
I took a half day off during my busy schedule on one Wednesday.A friend of mine came with me to have a relaxing afternoon.We have thought of a few places before we settled at TCC for high tea.There weren\'t a lot of customers in the afternoon. We sat at a corner and seeing passers came and went at City Link.We ordered 2 sets of Easter high tea came with 2 cups of house blend coffee.Coffee was upto standard.The tea set actuatlly was considerably big to lady.We chatted and ate for almost 3 hours, feeling very free as they wouldn\'t chase us out.It could be there weren\'t a lot of customers. Food wise, not too bad nor good, but it is a good place for you to spend a whole afternoon without burning a whole in your pocket.
They serve porcini soup here! If you love porcini as I do, you will love this soup. It goes really well with grain bread! I love the intense flavour of this soup. It’s creamy and rich. The mushroomy taste is a little earthy but not too overwhelming. Texture-wise it’s definitely made with love unlike other restaurants that opt for the easier way of using instant soups. One thing though, I would love to have more chunks of mushrooms in the soup. That would be perfect!
An evening time, my hubby and i having dinner with a friend at T3 before he fly back to Australia. Our friend ordered the chicken wings and mentioned it was delicious. I m curious how good is the chicken wing, and tried one piece of it. After trying one piece of the chicken wing, wanted to have a second piece. My friend intro a good recommend dish that i will introduce to my other friends next visit. I always go TCC and ordered a drink called Lychee Jazz. Its a drink that is cooling after drinking, as there are mint leaves inside the drink.
We walk around many places, finding a place we can settle down for dinner. But there were people in every restaurant, queueing up for a table on a christmas eve. We didnt felt like joining the long stretch of queue. So we decided to continue walking until we saw TCC and there was no one in it! It looked almost like it was not open for business and it was 9pm! We confirmed with the friendly waitress to see if it was open and got a table for two. The red sofa seats really brighten up the entire place. As there were no other customers other than us, the waitress focus all her attention towards us. She was attentive in explaining the menu and we waited for some time before our food were served. The cheesy mozzarella stick came in bite size and it was really nice! But be careful not to burn your tongue as the cheese is hot. It came with a sauce, tasted like salsa and together, it was perfect! The chicken baked rice was nice too, with fresh leafy vegetables as the ganish. My friend had a spagetti with fried fish. Though it looks simple, but the spagetti were flavourful and chewy. The fried fish was cooked till golden brown too and it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Although the food were nice, the prices were steep which i think with the amount spent, you could have gone to a better place with better ambience.Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Dinner)
It was a friend’s birthday and we was thinking of a coffeehouse to chill and here we are at TCC. The TCC at Paradiz was pretty quiet and it has a nice ambience on the second level. I shall not talk about the coffee since most of us know that they are good. This Green Tea with Azuki Bean cake is certainly fantastic. It is soft and the combination of green tea and red bean goes well together. In my opinion, the green tea taste is just nice unlike other bakeries the green taste can be overwhelming. From the picture, you can see there is a generous sprinkling of matcha powder on it. A bite of the cake will leave you asking for more and it leaves a nice green tea after taste in your mouth. Further, the cake is not sweet which I think most ladies will like. I will recommend this for a birthday cake to those who needs to buy one.
I love TCC breakfast. Had the smoked salmon bagel. The bagel is baked to crisp. I can hear the crunch the moment i bite on it and the butter taste that lingers on the inner surface of the bread. The smoked salmon goes well with the bagel. Not too salty. The tomato is unbelievably sweet and soft as it was baked and still attached to the stem. DELICIOUS!
One of the best thing to do when there are plenty of free time - go have a chat with friends over coffee at a cosy place. TCC is ideal in such a case, and we wont have to fight for seats with students who are busy studying ( guess where am i talking about?) I would always go for the ice blend the Chocolate Cookies Frappé or the cooler, Mocha Villa. I guess both drinks are not the type that a coffee lover would go for, cause the taste of coffee is simply not strong enough. Chocolate Cookies Frappé is simply, an iced coffee blend with oreo cookies and maybe some chocolate fudge.
Food - We tried the Devil\'s Chocolate Cake and the Chocolate Confession. The Devil\'s Chocolate Cake is supposed to have raspberry bits in the cake but we didn\'t tatse or see any. There is a half raspberry on top of the cake for decoration, and a crispy overly sweet macaron. The Devil\'s Chocolate Cake is VERY delicious! Very rich and much like a chocolate cheesecake with a soft sponge cake base. It is a very rich cake. The Chocolate Confession was also super delicious. The ganache was smooth and just sweet enough. Very rich cake. There\'s supposed to be gold dust on the cake but we couldn\'t see it with the naked eye. In the photos, if you look close enough you might see the gold dust. The cake has a hazelnut base which complimented the cake very well. It\'s so addictive and very moreish! Couldn\'t stop till the end! The cakes keep well for a day at most in the fridge. It lasts pretty well in room temperature as well. Best served chilled or it gets too soft and melted. Setting and service - in the CBD, but it wasn\'t crowded and the service was efficient and polite. Clean, tidy place, just next to the MRT. Value - expensive if there\'s no promotion, but good value when there\'s a promotion!
This TTC is outside of plaza sing, price wise is much more expensive but the place is great as theres couch to sit and the feeling is like home. Their cake is also expensive but is worth to try. For budget people to find place to chill maybe you wont like it here because their coffee and item are really much more higher price compare to starbuck or coffee bean and there\'s also GST.
I tried their wedges with cheese , chicken wings, and spicy seafood olio pasta was good but the seafood clam chowder soup was cold when served. service at outdoor need to be improved. It take quite awhile to get their staff too serve our ice water and fetch the bill. Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Dinner)
We were looking for a place for coffee before we continue with our shopping. As we were in a group of 5, the service staff helped to creat a tables big enough for us. As usual, I order coffee. The standard of the coffee was maintained as it was still so full of flavours and you can taste the aroma of the roasted coffee beans. We had some snacks to share among us. The wedges were still so good. The chicken wings were delicious too...quite spicy but I like it. Service was good.
We were there to meet friends. When we arrived, there was no available table inside the restaurant so we sat outside. Since it was already 5 plus 6, it was not so hot, we were okay with it. We placed our order for drinks and snacks first since our friend has not reached. My cafe latte was very nice. As for the potatoes wedges with melted cheese dip, I love the cheese dip and they were quite generous with it. The wedges were piping hot and very crispy yet soft in the inside. Service wise is good as the staff was aware we were waiting for a friend and did not chase us for the bill. Very friendly. It is a good place to rest and relax while enjoying a good cup of coffee. Spending: Approximately SGD 14(Other)
Had Mozza stick as i\'m craving for cheesy stuffs. As usual, it tasted real good only when it\'s hot. When left there for a while, it gets hardened and rubbery. So eat it while it\'s hot! Love the crispiness and the spices makes it more tasty and fragrant as compared to other cheese sticks.
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