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That Cd Shop Pte Ltd (Great World City)
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We are an established Music Retailer in Singapore for more than 16 years.

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Best place to look for music CDs. Also nice place to spend your extra weekend time, reading and listening to latest music freely. Just buy it when you like the CDs. Nowadays lots of pirated and freely download or stream music on internet still incomparable listening to CDs.
This place is great for my all alone time, spend time reading and listening to the newest music at a peace of mind. A little retail therapy can also be done since you are there too.
This is the best place to look for music CDs. Ranging from several hundred artists from all over the world, the music collection here is pretty vast. Despite being able to download and stream all kinds of music legally over the internet, nothing still beats having the physical copy.
It a great place to listen to music!
Love their ambience and they often play good lounge song. Will go there again to add my cd collections.
High Society cafe, they serve food inside a CD store, enjoy ur meal with the new songs. Their cupcake also so yummy..
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