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Toddlers' Cottage


幼童小舍 - 培育孩子茁壮成长的摇篮

Toddlers' Cottage is an MCYS-licensed Child Care Centre offering quality nurture and care programmes for kids aged 18 months to 12 Years old.

Our bilingual curriculum (English & Chinese) focuses on developing children's liguistic skills through daily Phonics, Creative Writing and Speech & Drama program.

Our well-balanced curriculum focuses on your child 10 aspects of Developments: Intellectual, Creative, Emotional, Social & Cultural, Environmental Awareness, Literacy & language, Numeracy, Music & Movement, Physical Development, Dramatic Play Experiences etc.

Toddlers' Cottage seek to provide a conducive place for your child's development by:

  • Instilling Confidence in each child
  • Building Oratorical Skills in each child as the basis of communication
  • Training a Child in the way that he/she should go
  • Tender Loving Care
  • Aspiration
  • Guiding a child in his or her development according to each ability & personality
  • Enriching a child's life day by day

a childcare just located behind geylang polyclinic. super convenient.
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14 Nov 2011 16:04:52
Products & Services

Our Quality Services:

  • Dedicated Half-Day / Full-Day Child Care (Aged 2 months - 6 Years Old)
  • Student Care (Aged 7 - 16), Tuition & Enrichment Programmes
  • Balanced & Comprehensive Curriculum for your Child's Nurture and Development
  • Small Class size with individual attention, safe conducive & hygienic environment
  • Nutritious Meals for your Child's healthy growth
  • MCYS Subsidy, Low Affordable Fee


Our aspects of a child's development:

  • Dramatic Play Experiences
  • Intellectual Development
  • Creative Art
  • Emotional Development
  • Social & Cultural Development
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Literacy & Language
  • Music & Movement
  • Physical Development

a childcare just located behind geylang polyclinic. super convenient.
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