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 Dina Indrasafitri ( Travel Writer )
Dina finished her Major in Sociology in 2005 and promptly knew that the working world with its choices and risks will confuse her moves in the future. After working in Medan for several months and giving a shot at different jobs she finds that her love for writing, food, interior design and her hometown Jakarta had lead her to become a writer at Streetdirectory.com. Dina currently writes on nightlife and entertainment in Indonesia .

Latest 15 articles by Dina Indrasafitri
Bali Travel Guide
1. The Batur Volcano, 28 Nov 06
2. The Agung Volcano, 28 Nov 06
Jakarta Travel Guide
1. Xpose Pool, 29 Jan 07
2. Hotel Kristal Jakarta, 23 Jan 07
3. Kristal Restaurant, 22 Jan 07
4. Knowledge Palaces – International Bookstores in Jakarta, 22 Jan 07
5. The Park Lane Jakarta, 19 Jan 07
6. The Retro Club, 19 Jan 07
7. The Jittlada – Royal Thai Cuisine, 19 Jan 07
8. The Park Lane Hotel, 19 Jan 07
9. The Spa at Four Seasons: Ultimate indulgence of the senses, 19 Jan 07
10. Home Furnishing in Jakarta, 18 Jan 07
11. Red Square Bar, 18 Jan 07
12. Bubur Ayam Sukabumi, 04 Jan 07
13. Dim Sum 24, 04 Jan 07
14. Dim Sum Festival, 03 Jan 07
15. Pusat Primata Schmutzer, 29 Dec 06


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