How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed Every Time

By: Amy Guven

Before you can satisfy your woman in bed, every time. Find out what the myths are and how to avoid them. 

The Myth About Pleasing Women

1) Your Dick size is not everything!
What is the normal size? How thick and long can be the biggest? How small is acceptable for lovemaking? 

  • Every man's genital organ is different as his finger print.
    The role of the organ size in a happy and successful intimate relationship is not important. You don't need to pay a sack full money to make it even bigger! Even with a huge organ, a man's chance to make her achieve an orgasm, if he is not a good lover and doesn't know proper love making techniques will be very limited. Instead he will cause her more pain than pleasure.
  • A man with a miniscule organ can still be a perfect lover!
    Instead of being paranoiacly distressed, learn how to make better love. You can do this by kissing and caressing every part of your partner's body for a long time. Arousing her long enough, and then go down and give her a nice oral love. Until she reaches the climax. Having a small organ is not a guilt. You just need to use other strategies to be a perfect lover!

2) Every woman loves a talented lover!
Yes! A talented lover is preferred in the place of a big dick pounding a few times into her before spurting out and then sleeping in their side as if nothing happened! 

3) Early ejaculations is not a crime!
There are 4 types of early comers. 

  • Type A - The Worst
    He doesn't even know he is an early comer. When he likes, he takes the woman under him and comes off. He doesn't care about anything else! For the woman's orgasm? What is that? He hasn't heard anything about woman's orgasm!
  • Type B
    He knows about woman's orgasm but act like he doesn't know. Same of the Type A, he pulls the woman under and he comes off, the only difference, if by mistake or pain, woman makes a weak sound like 'ah' he will suppose she reached her climax. But for his comfort, he will never ask her the truth!
  • Type C
    He knows his disorder, he is sad and wants to visit a doctor but he is shamed or can't find the time to go! As a foreplay he kiss and caress her a little but he can't wait and comes off. Sometimes he can't even find times to thrust into her. He is sad but life goes on!
  • Type D
    He is aware of his early disorder but he also knows his partner's orgasm right! So, he will kiss and caress her at great length, give her a great oral love and bring her to an orgasm. Then start to make love for himself and he comes off. Because his partner reached climax before he comes. There is no trouble as both partners are relaxed and happy!

So How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed Every Time

  • 1) A foreplay at length, long kisses and caresses,
  • 2) Staying inside her long enough with many thrusting,
  • 3) Knowing her favorite positions and giving her the best pleasures.
  • 4) Not insisting on what you wants,
  • 5) Understanding & giving her what she needs to get her climax.

Please note that if a women has reached one orgasm in her entire life, she will know the best position for her. An intelligent man never insists on a new position which may cause a lack of concentration, he will follow her orientations.

Finally, do not imitate orgasm or do not keep silent and sleep. Talk to your lovers and kindly explain your desires.

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