Jeans That Fit: How to Find Them

By: Sheila Dicks

We all own jeans and they truly are the main ingredient of any casual wardrobe. However, they are not all equal or equally flattering. We are not all born with the same shape, so, the style we wear will impact the way we look. Have you ever seen an outfit on one of your friends that looked spectacular but when someone else wore that same outfit it lost its pizzazz?

That has to do with the body shapes of the two people and sometimes the color of the garment. Both women could be the same height and weight but have a totally different shape. The same holds true for jeans. Here are a few hints when trying to find jeans that will fit and look great on YOU.

  • Small flat behind
    If you have a small flat behind and your jeans tend to make you look smaller, choose a design with detailed pockets that are high and slightly smaller than those found on most styles.

    Pockets will drawn attention to the eye and will create the illusion of width and lift.

  • To add curves
    Wear low-rise jeans in a cotton-Lycra blend. The clingy fabric hugs the body and a contoured waistband will help create curves. Choose a pair that has been lightened at the thighs and knees to make legs look more shapely. Avoid standard boot cut jeans that have little shape.

  • To flatten a tummy
    Try a medium to high-rise (no higher than the belly button) in a dark color.

  • For the appearance of smaller thighs
    Stick to dark colors for sure and wear flared styles that will draw the eye downward and create balance. Don’t wear them too tight or too loose.

  • For the appearance if slim hips
    Do look for jeans without front pockets or jeans with slit pockets and stay away from front patch pockets. Buy dark colors with stitching that is the same color (or very close) as the fabric. Avoid light stitching and designs.

  • To prevent a gap at the waist
    If your hips are much larger than your waist then you will probably have this problem. What to do? Wear stretch denim jeans and stay away from crisp or heavy fabrics such as cotton.

Finally, to make your legs appear longer, wear a high-heeled shoe and flared jeans that will completely cover them.

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