Poem- Each Time

By: Kathryn Lim
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Each Time

Each time I worry
An angel would whisper "Fear Not Fear Not"
It is God who sees you through

Each time I am disappointed
An angel would whisper "Don't Give up! Don't give up!"
She is showing you the stories of life

Each time I'm angry
An angel would whisper "Let go and forgive"
For she wants to see cheerful hearts

Each time I cry
An angel would whisper "Hush hush my baby"
God has kept your tears in her bottle
And turned them into Victory

Each time I fail to trust and I feel so weak
An angel would say to me "I know it is not easy but I'd like you to trust"
And know that Her grace would not lead you
To where it can't sustain you

And so I picked up the sun again and embrace it
Laugh laugh and laugh my heart
Indeed indeed God's grace is strong
It would not lead me to where it cannot keep me
It would not lead me to where it cannot keep me

This song is for you
This song is for me

Indeed indeed God's grace would not lead us to where it cannot keep Us.

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