I Am as Sad As.

By: hadia

I am as sad as...

the smoldered grass

the autumn leaves

the frost on a glass

i am as sad as...

the summer dew

the winter days

the crying bird

i am as sad as...

a torn paper

the ragged clothes

the decayed food

i am as sad as...

the winter mist

the crying bird

the monsoon hail

i am as sad as...

the white snow

the grey colour

the crying stars

i am as sad as...

the bloodstained eyes

the hot, fresh tears

the icy, cold water

i am as sad as...

the last tear

a aggressived soul

a shameful blot

i am as sad as...

i am as sad as...

Not A True Story:
this is a story of a young child who is separated from his family. who is deprived of all the love and friendship. he searches for some respect and care. but everyone thinks he is just a useless and pitiful creature.

so in the season of autumn, he sits under a big oak tree and writes this beautiful poem as the leaves fall on him covering him wit gold from head to toe!

and as he finishes, he lets out a sigh of rlief and dies with his soul flying away to Heaven.

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