Unborn Fathers

By: Satish Verma

Sometimes blank eyes begin to search the cause of hostility
Of the dishevelled life.
Shutting out a stray thought you go bipolar.
Anonymous fear stalks you.
Beginning & end of a dialogue merge.
Depression hovers like a preying bird.

The void stood between us.
Time was running out. You started
Asking the questions.
About life, how it was behaving?
I wanted to tell you about
the molested dreams & mutilated hunger.
Very first time
I was face to face with a proliferating grief.

The god we were chasing disappeared at last.
A ducking mirage.
The void was filled with suffering of unborn fathers,
burnt doors & bruised faces.
We were punished for the sins unknown & blunted conclusions,
the core fear of solitude.

Satish Verma

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