The Journey of Who Am I ?

By: SreeLakshmy


I traveled far with a long mission,
To be achieved
I considered my life as a journey,
To seek justice
I had many obstacles in the middle,
To get rid of
So I trained and controlled myself,
To succeed in life

My journey began when I born
To till I die
My mind was made to be courage
To meet all pains
My aim of journey was only
To find truth
So I remained careful & peaceful
To reach to my goal

I was hurt at times but it was all
To have an experience
I learned things throughout my life
To cross hardships
I had many desires and wishes
To be fulfilled
So I traveled and reached so far
To learn more

My aims and dreams came true
At last
My missions and visions came to light
At last
My answers to all questions were found
At last
But it happened only at last, the truth of
Who am I?

New leaves started to sprout out from life
And my journey resumes
It retained like a rotating earth
That never stops
All have their own gains and pains
Which are hard to be crossed
So starting a journey of life is appreciable
To everyone.

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