Exams - Let Us Try It!

By: SreeLakshmy


Exams are beginning my dear friends, so
Let us face it!
They are neither our friends nor enemy, so
Let us tame it!
They have many things to give us, so
Let us accept it!
They are bridge that helps us to go far, so
Let us cross it!
They are important in our life so,
Let us find it!

Exams are games that decide our future, so
Let us play it!
They bring happiness and sorrows, so
Let us have it!
They gives wisdom and chances, so
Let us get it!
They are of many groups and troops, so
Let us sort it!
They develop courage and coward, so
Let us see it!

Exams are full of true experiences, so
Let us make it!
They are exciting and fearing, so
Let us fight it!
They brings lucks and truths, so
Let us hold it!
They are the teachers of winners & losers, so
Let us invite it!
There is nothing to fear, so bravely
Let us try it!

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