Say Love With Romantic Poems

By: Mahirsyah Wellyan

Romantic poems are delivering your feeling of love right into the heart of your lover. They are often considered more precious than a bouquet of rose. Truly sincere romantic poems are the best gift for your lover.

Giving romantic poems to the one you love is like delivering heaven's sense to her/him, a heaven's sense where blossom roses are eternal, where their fragrant are perpetual.

Dazzling romantic poems recited to your lover could be the most impressing moment in her/his lifetime. They express your truly sense through an intelligent manner. Your words are the healing spell that breaking congealed soul and melting frozen heart.

Would you look at the star tonight?

Could you find a lone red star shining bright?

The lone red star has been passing times to times

It witnessed many reunions and many partings

I wish you gazing at it there

I am too gazing it here

In a distance we are separated

But our hearts won't be divided

The above romantic poems told us about a reunion of two lovers, a reunion of their sense (by gazing at the same star), even though a distance separated them. By gazing at the same star, they hoped that their hearts are parallelized.

Romantic poems are the best thing that a lover could give, since they are coming from his/her truly sense. They are also reflex the honest attitude of their author. A person having bad temper could not make these kind of poems, since they are made with the highest positive emotion. If one has a sensitive feeling, he usually made romantic poems easily.

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