Some EVE Online Tips

By: Tom Kranz

EVE Online is a great game, with hundreds of thousands of players, and upwards of thirty thousand of them connected to the same server (Tranquility or Serenity) at the same time. The accumulated knowledge base of the EVE Online player community is enormous, with hundreds of tips articles.

One of the best places to get EVE Online tips is at the EVE Wiki. This source of tips has over 2,000 articles on EVE written by players, for players, at all skill levels, with some articles written by people who beta test on the Singularity test server. This means that it's one of the best sources out there for upcoming changes to the game.

To make the most of your EVE Online tips, just like in other MMOs, join a group. Whether it's a pickup group, or a dedicated corporation (the EVE equivalent of a guild on World of Warcraft), a group of old hands can walk you through a lot of the guides, like where to mine, where to find pirates to hunt down for that mission, the best market locations for manufactured goods or processed ores, or even how to scavenge after large battles for things that the prior owners won't be needing any longer.

When looking for guides and EVE Online tips, be sure to look for ones from reputable sources, and make sure to check that they match the current version of the client (which is Trinity). Older EVE guides may simply be inaccurate, and more than a few are downright contradictory with the way the game is played under the current Trinity client.

Most hints and tips that can be had focus on skill progressions, or wealth generation. Skill generation tips will almost always direct you to EVEmon, the EVE Online Skill tutor. EVE's skills accumulate even when you aren't playing, but choosing which skills to take in which order (based on what you want to be good at in playing the game) is a difficult choice, and there are plenty of EVE Online tips for people who want to be combat munchkins; there are also usefulhints and guides for people who want to go beyond flying single starships to running entire fleets, or running entire corporations.

The second type of EVE Online tips are hints and guides about wealth generation; most of them talk about how to run mining missions and make a profit. Mining missions, unless you're interrupted by a pirate, are boring as all heck. This makes automation of mining missions (with macros) prime fodder for guides to EVE Online.

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