How to Create E-books That Sells Like Hot Cakes

By: Serge Dandelin

Why are e-books so popular?

In addition to e-books making a great product, they are also very powerful promotional tools. E-books can provide the Internet marketer one of the best promotional tools online.

Here are my top 10 tips on how to create E-Books that sells like hot cakes:

1) Create mini sites for each e-book you sell - Search engines will help to sell your product through higher positioning plus it is less confusing to potential customers.

2) For massive exposure, select a subject with a broad appeal. If your site focus on real estate marketing, consider creating an e-book about real estate marketing. If you have a quality e-book,
some product owners might even use it as a bonus to add more value to their offer.

3) Your E-books should contain mainly text. To keep your file size down, avoid using large, slow loading graphics. Make sure your pages are viewable through any screen size.

4) Use spell check to search for any possible spelling errors.

5) Include good navigational links throughout your pages.

6) Give away an e-book on a topic you are an expert in - I have found it raises your credibility and sales.

7) Make sure to provide Instant Product Delivery (downloadable, instant access, etc.)

8) Your e-book need to have an attractive title. The title should grab the attention of your intended target audience.

9) Offer the reprint rights to your e-book. You can sell the rights with the regular purchase price or as
a separate higher price.

10) It is crucial to allow your e-book to be freely distributed. Place a subscription box on each page within your e-book to enable your readers to subscribe. Your e-book will have the potential to be viewed by thousands of web users!

E-books are becoming more and more popular on the web these days for there is a huge potential to build a successful online business around them.

So go ahead and start creating your own e-books!

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