Learn Spanish Cds-the Right or Wrong Way to Learn Spanish?

By: Charles Smith

Do you want to learn Spanish? Cd courses are widely available these days that will enable you to do just that, only are they the right way to go? Many people will argue that the best way to learn a new language is to just jump right in and find some foreign friends etc, but these days you can easily find a CD or MP3 course that will be a fine substitute. Check out these tips to get the most from it.

Learn Spanish CD, Tip 1-
Shop around. There are literally hundreds of CD/MP3 based Spanish courses around these days, and obviously they can't all be great. It's a very good idea to find some reviews or honest testimonials from people who have sampled each one, and let them help you make a decision.

Learn Spanish CD, Tip 2-
Find some thing flexible. For example if you have the Spanish lessons on MP3, you can transfer them between your computer and your MP3 player, which will give you a lot of freedom. Want to learn Spanish while you're in the gym working out? Done. Want to learn Spanish while you're on your morning run? Done. How about through earphones while you travel? Also done. If you can utilize otherwise empty time like that, you can actually learn Spanish without taking any extra time from your life!

Learn Spanish CD, Tip 3-
Make a habit of it. If you are trying to learn by fitting your CD or MP3 listening in around all the other parts of your busy life, I'm sorry to say you probably won't get anywhere. The most effective way is to block out a period of time every day, or something like that. Even if it's 30 minutes on the bus on the way home from college, doing this everyday at the same time will get your brain in a great routine for learning.

Learn Spanish CD, Tip 4-
Practice! Learning from a CD or MP3 is great, it's a luxury that literally wasn't possible 20 or 30 years ago, but don't forget the aim here is to be able to speak Spanish, and that involves actually talking to people! You will learn a hundred times more in a ten minute conversation with a Spanish speaker than you would by listening to an hour of CD or MP3 tuition.

Learn Spanish CD, Tip 5-
Learn to listen to yourself as well as the CDs or MP3s. When learning a foreign language your accent and pronunciation is very important-if you can't get these right there's a chance no Spanish speaker will even understand you! Part of learning any accent is the simple act of copying exactly what you hear. It may seem odd at first but you'll soon get used to it, and you'll be a better foreign language speaker because of it.

These tips should help you in your quest to learn Spanish from a CD or MP3. There's really no difference between the two, it's just whatever you find most convenient for you. If you'd like a proven fast method to learn Spanish, check out the links below.

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