The Best Way to Learn Spanish

By: Charles Smith

The best way to learn Spanish truly differs for every person. Just like the best way to do anything is different for each person, I could tell you to learn Spanish by reading Spanish romance novels, and you may hate it, but a fan of romance novels may find it the perfect way to learn. Stay tuned and I'll be giving up a few of the best ways to learn Spanish, so you can make your own decisions.

Best Way To Learn Spanish 1
Private tuition. Nice if you can afford it! Tuition like this is good for some people, but often the strictness of having to complete homework and arrive to the tutor's house at a set time etc can put people. Not to mention the cost, these one on one lessons can be pretty pricey.

Best Way To Learn Spanish 2
Join a Spanish Class. These classes are great for some people, as they allow you to interact with other people at the same or similar level of knowledge to yourself. Somehow this can take away much of the embarrassment people sometimes feel. The downside of such classes though is that people will often have to learn at the pace of the slowest learner in the class, as the tutor will naturally need to ensure that everyone is getting the same benefit.

Best Way To Learn Spanish 3
A study holiday. What better way to learn Spanish than to spend a few weeks in spain? I think this is the method that most people would choose if they could, but the cost puts off many people. It can run into the thousands, and most people just don't have that kind of cash to throw into language tuition.

Best Way To Learn Spanish 4
A home study MP3/CD course. This is my personal favourite. These modern courses are excellent, they provide great content and the CDs etc often contain the vocal talents of real Spanish speakers, so you get to mimic the accent and pronunciation from the best sources possible. Also, the best part is that you can run it back and listen to it over and over, and take it with you so you can study on the move. Pretty cool.

I hope those 4 "best" ways to learn Spanish have opened your eyes and helped you find out what you may find as the best way for you to learn. Remember, everyone is different, so what helps someone else may not help you, so choose wisely! For more information on courses etc, check out the links below.

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