Learn Spanish Words Right Now

By: Charles Smith

You need to learn Spanish words before you can speak Spanish! Luckily, as a language Spanish is very close to English, so it's not impossible to learn a handful of words and conduct some basic conversations. Indeed, many Spanish vacationers get by without ever learning more than ten or fifteen words! Stay tuned to learn some Spanish words.

Learn Spanish Words 1- Everyday Useful Words-These will help you out in stores or in everyday situations:

Thank You - Gracias
Please - Por favor
Excuse me - Con permiso
You're welcome - De nada
Sorry - Disculpe
Could you please help me? - Podria ayudarme?

Learn Spanish Words 2- Greetings and goodbyes. Ever been in a foreign land and not even been able to say hello or goodbye to your host? Embarrassing huh?

Good morning - Buenos Dias
Good Afternoon - Buenas Tardes
Good Evening - Same as above
See you later - Hasta Luego
Hello - Hola
Goodbye - Adios

Learn Spanish Words 3- General words. These can help you around complicated situations and hopefully stop you from confusing yourself and the locals!

I don't speak Spanish - No hablo espanol
Yes - Se
No - No
Do you speak English? - Habla usted Ingles?
Where is...? - Donde estas?
How much do I owe you? - Cuanto le debo?
What time is it? - Que hora es?
Could You Repeat That Please? - Podria repetirlo, por favour?
I Don't Understand - No entiendo
I Speak Very Little Spanish - Hablo Muy Poco Espanol

So there you are, less than 25 Spanish words for you to learn, yet they can make your life considerably easier when communicating with Spanish speakers. If you can get into the habit of learning 25 words a week, within a few weeks you'll be having real conversations. Check out the links below to find out how to learn Spanish fast.

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