Treasure Hunting For Aquamarine

By: David Cowley

Aquamarine Cut?

Not every buried treasure has been discovered.? There still is a remarkable quantity of quality treasures still in Mother Earth, including the semi-precious stones to be found at Gem Mountain in North Carolina.? One of the biggest draws to Gem Mountain is aquamarine treasure hunting.? You find it – you keep it.? It's as fun and as simple as that.

Aquamarine is a transparent gemstone variety of beryl.? It is closely related to the emerald and the most common color is a delicate blue or turquoise that will remind you of the sea.? Other colors can vary from yellow to rosey pink.? The more intense the color the more valuable it is and can fetch from $120 to $500 a carat.

Rock hounding

One of the more popular of hobbies for Americans and Europeans is called rock hounding, or treasure hunting.? You can hunt for any kind of treasure from gold coins, artifacts or semi-precious stones.? Although metal detectors are used in other aspects of treasure hunting, they won't be of much help with aquamarine treasure hunting.? You need small pneumatic drills, picks, shovels and brushes … and a good pair of eyes.

Not only does aquamarine treasure hunting combine the thrill of the hunt with a practical skill, you get to meet lots of other people and often get to go traveling in beautiful outdoor locations.? Gem Mountain, for example, is located in the outdoors of beautiful Mitchell County, North Carolina.? Admission is free and all tools are provided.

Rough Aquamarine?

Myth And March

If you were born in March, then you will have a special reason to go aquamarine treasure hunting, because it is your birthstone.? It is also the stone to give as presents on your 16 Th and 19 Th wedding anniversaries.? Legend has it that wearing or keeping an aquamarine on your person not only kept you safe at sea, but kept you from seasickness.

Over the years, aquamarines are said to give whoever wears them courage, happiness and the ability to see into the future.? It is also supposed to make your smarter and to make you more appear more youthful.? During the Middle Ages, it was thought to be an effective antidote against poisons, which is not currently recommended.? However, the pale blues are often very calming and have been used to help anxiety.

According to ancient Indian and Tibetan healing systems, the body has seven centers of energy called charkas.? The throat charka is said to be a blue color, and so blue or blue-sh stones like aquamarine are said to help the wearer not only with throat problems, but in help being able to communicate what they really feel.

Bushy Creak Mine

Whatever your reason for aquamarine treasure hunting, you are sure to have a fun time at North Carolina's Gem Mountain.? Tools needed to hunt in the mine query are provided by the mine operators if available.? Should you want to bring your own tools be sure to include a shovel, shifting screen, safety goggles, gloves pick, rock hammer and something to carry your treasures in.? They will also inspect all of your gem stones you unearth at no extra charge.? Gem cutters are on hand to cut and polish your gemstones.? If you are unable to get to North Carolina then you can mining buckets ranging from $15 to $120.??

Happy Treasure Hunting.

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