Grey Squirrel Hunting for Beginners

By: Muna wa Wanjiru

The Grey Squirrel is an animal that we are well acquainted with. While many people like looking at these furry creatures the grey squirrels are also considered as being good game animals. You will usually find that these squirrels and their cousins the fox squirrels are also hunted. Unlike other game animals the squirrels are though of as being the ideal medium for young hunters to learn about hunting.

Since catching a Grey Squirrel takes practice it is indeed a good way for you to practice your shooting skills and stalking methods. The best way to find the grey squirrels for hunting is to become acquainted with your hunting environment and prey. As grey squirrels are mainly nuts and fruit eaters you should look for the trees in which they forage for food.

Likewise the trees and hollows where they nest are ideal locations to find a grey squirrel. The best trees for these purposes are Hickory nut trees, Red Oaks and also white Oaks. With these trees you will also find these squirrels near corn and bird feeders. While these are just indications of where the squirrel's territory is, you will need to employ other methods in order to bag these small game prizes.

Once you have found the Grey Squirrel territory you will need to decide the best hunting techniques to use. The most sensible approach to take is therefore to choose the time in which to start your hunting. You should also have clothing which will disguise you from the presence of the squirrels. The Grey Squirrel is an active feeder during the early morning hours, the middle of the day and also just before dusk.

To hunt the Grey Squirrel you will need to take one of two approaches to hunting. You can either use a stand hunting technique or that of the still hunting. In the stand hunting the hunter waits for the squirrels to approach. Once the hunter has the Grey Squirrel in their sights the use of a 22-caliber rifle will provide them with the shot they require.

In the stalking or still hunting technique you sneak up on your target. Having downed your squirrel catch you can start back for home and prepare to cook your squirrel. You could on the other hand catch more squirrels using the one you have as bait.

For those individuals who are interested in small game hunting the Grey Squirrel offers lots of opportunities. This animal is also a great way for novice hunters to learn all about woodland animals and the hunting of these creatures. As with many different animals the Grey Squirrel is also a great meat to cook and eat.

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