Refitting an Old PISTON/LINER for a Nitro RC Racing Engine

By: Marten(marty)davis
If your nitro rc piston to liner fit becomes less that perfect, it is EASY to refit the piston to the liner. Buy yourself a VERY GOOD tubing cutter from Sears ( ) about $32.00. It will be a once in a lifetime purchase that you will use over and over. Don't ever ever ever ever use this cutter for anything else. The wheel that comes with the cutter will last almost indefinitely, but you should pick up a pack of spares. Keeping the cutter razor sharp is critical.

OK, now I will tell you how to use this tool.

Almost all nitro rc pistons have an oil groove at the top of the piston. It is usually VERY NEAR the top of the piston. If the piston does not have an oil groove, it is easy to make one with the tube cutter. The cutter will EXTRUDE the aluminum in the oil groove making the piston tighter in the liner. It is CRITICAL to be very careful here not to get the piston too tight. You want to push the piston up into the liner and when it stops, look into the exhaust port and see the wrist pin in the MIDDLE of the exhaust port window. This is exactly how tight you want the piston to fit. This re-fit of the nirto rc piston can be done over and over. The fit will go away quicker than if the piston was perfect to start with, but this method will recover a loose fitting piston/liner.

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