Fine Antique Specialization

By: John N. Cohen

As rather specialised Asian antique collectors, over a very long period, we have managed to help form collections of really fine Japanese netsuke, inro, lacquer boxes, Chinese snuff bottles, pendants, jade and hard stone carvings. 

One advantage of collecting in such specialised fields is that most people will not have any idea of what these things are.  We believe that on the odd rare occasion when we might have some of these antiques at home, if the average burglar were to break in and find them, the chances are, that it would be the DVD machine, or the TV, that is more likely to be taken. 

Another two advantages can be gained, by only buying the finest quality examples that is, providing one can afford to.  The first benefit is that these are sure to increase in value, so much more than the average, or poorer pieces and one has far greater pleasure in owning them.  It has been apparent over the years of collecting, that owning just one or two superb pieces has always been worth very much more, than having twenty, or more, indifferent ones.  But the second advantage is that these, the finest antiques, are also well known amongst the more serious collectors and dealers, as well as by the better auction rooms.

So should a burglar grab any of these treasures and then try to sell them, especially the finer examples, the burglar would not find it so easy.  For not only are all these pieces well documented and illustrated, but also serious dealers, collectors and auction houses all belong to (and have an international reporting system) where the word would soon be out.  The Internet is so useful for the speed with which such information can be spread.

 As such unique important pieces are certain to be recognised eventually, the police would then have a valuable lead back to the culprit.

It is true that there are certain top quality antiques that are stolen to order; these then end up in secret collections where the owner dare not ever show them.  This is very hard for the owner as one of the pleasures all collectors enjoy is being able to show what they have acquired to fellow collectors.  But even if such stolen antiques end up somewhere like this, then although it might take very much longer, there will come a time when they will be discovered.  It might not happen till the owner dies, but then what will any heirs do with such collections?  If they try to sell anyScience Articles, then the chances of such stolen pieces being recognised still remains very high.

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