Play StarTropics Nintendo Nes Game Online Free Right Now?

By: Matthew Corgan

This article is for anyone out there interested in playing StarTropics for the Original Nintendo Nes. StarTropics was first released in North America in 1990 and it's sequel Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics 2 was released in 1994. It was a multi genre game which featured action, adventure, puzzlesComputer Technology Articles, and a crazy storyline to make a smash hit game. The main character Mike is a star pitcher in Seattle until he visits his uncle on C island and begins his quest.

The game followed some Nes RPG characteristics as well. The battle system in the game was similar to The Legend of Zelda.

It featured hearts and a wide variety of weapons from a yo yo and baseball bat to a proton laser. Mike's main weapon the yo yo has a special feature to become a long distance weapon if you have full hearts. This long range yo yo becomes an asset later in the game. StarTropics also featured the Invisible Ink Letter that came with the game packaging. It is a crucial component of the game since the secret on the letter helps you progress in the game.

Why play StarTropics online though? Most people decide to play StarTropics online because the cartridges are becoming rarer each day and because the dust problem with the Nintendo console and games. People grew tired of wasting time blowing in the cartridge and trying other tricks just to get it to work. StarTropics is even becoming harder to find at flee markets and on online auctions.

The Nintendo Wii has been releasing popular Nes Titles on Wii Shop for five dollars a game. The alternative is playing the Nes game from your Internet browser window free online. You can only play StarTropics online free if you own the original cartridge. It is a classic game with adventures that go on for hours. Enjoy playing StarTropics online.

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