Top 5 Spanish Study Tips

By: Megan McGuire All Seasons Lessons, Inc.

Top 5 Spanish Study Tips
By Megan McGuire/All Seasons Lessons, Inc.

1. Don’t get frustrated! Easier said then done, right? Well, I know all about getting frustrated while trying to learn Spanish. I come from a family where only English was spoken-so I know! There is no “set-pace” for learning Spanish. You need to learn at the pace that works best for you. That’s where taking community college/university classes can become difficult. They tend to move at a fast pace. If you can keep up with that pace-great! If you can’t, you may want to pursue other opportunities. There are tons of great online and private resources available. Check out my website: I have companies listed on my “Resources” page and also on my blog:

2. Don’t watch Spanish TV if you are a beginner! They speak extremely fast and are using an enormous variety of grammar and vocabulary. It’s only going to lead to frustration and aggravation. Who needs it?!

3. Study Study Study!!! Yes, you have to do it. No, you do not have to spend hours on end. Chunk your study sessions into short periods of time. If you have note cards with vocabulary to memorize, I recommend studying them during television commercials. Who wants to work all day and then come home and study all night? Not me! Keep your cards with you while you are watching TV and only study them during the commercials. Memorization is best achieved when you study for short, frequent periods of time. Please refer to my blog for other study tips:

4. Only study what you need/want to learn, specifically if you are in business and are only interested in learning specifics related to your field. For example, a real estate agent doesn’t need to learn all about shopping at a grocery store if they are only interested in communicating with their Spanish speaking clients. There are many companies that offer career specific Spanish lessons. My company offers a complete Spanish for Real Estate program:

5. Watch career specific Spanish television. What?! You just said not to watch Spanish television! Okay, let me explain: using real estate agents as an example, you can occasionally find cable access channels that will run local real estate shows advertising homes for sale in the area. They have the same type of shows in Spanish. It’s a great, safe way to utilize and recognize vocabulary you’ve learned. Once you have completed a career Spanish program, I would then recommend delving in and watching these programs on TV. The objective is to utilize your time and not waste it on something you don’t understand or will only frustrate you. The majority of the words being spoken will be ones you are familiar with and learned in your program. Plain old Spanish TV programs are not going to give you the same exposure or result. Another example: if you’ve completed a career specific automobile sales Spanish program, watch one of the dealership’s cable access programs. They run them in both English and Spanish. It’s a great opportunity to revisit vocabulary and phrases you’ve learned. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to listen to someone else, besides your instructor, and decipher what they are saying. Instructors enunciate and speak slower on purpose. Unfortunately, not all native speakers you will work with do that.

Good Luck-Buena Suerte

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