Italian Culinary Traditions and Gastronomy

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The Leonardo da Vinci School in Siena offers a special course: Culinary Traditions & Gastronomy.
In this way you can combine the italian lessons with your interest with one of the most important
culinary art of the Word!!!

The course Culinary Traditions & Gastronomy" is a 2 weeks course that combines italian
language with italian gastronomy culture, introducing you to the typical foods and gastronomical history of Tuscany,
in particular to the tastes of Siena.
The 2 weeks program includes a live demonstration by a professional chef in an
upscale restaurant, a visit of a typical Senese bakery, a professional wine an olive oil tasting.
Much attention will be paid to history and cultural aspects from the medieval times to today.
The program includes four lessons of Italian language each day, conducted in the mornings.
Culinary Traditions and Gastronomy lessons will be held in the afternoons
It's necessary the 3rd ability level and above.
It's a good excuse to visit and to stay in Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is situated in the Heart of the Old City of Siena,
just a short walk from the famous Piazza il Campo.

A language travel vacation in Italy presents to you the
possibility of having an intensive look at the Italian language and culture.
We offer a wide-ranging programme of high quality Italian language courses
in Siena all year round.

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