Translation Services in the Age of Global Communication

By: Armando Riquier

A service is "a work done by somebody for somebody else as a job". Translation is "the rendering of something written or spoken in one language in words of a different language". These two words together mean the professional job provided by agencies or freelancers to all the people who need it. There is not a precise count about how many languages are there in the world, but we know they should be about 6800, therefore the service performed by translators is useful, necessary and professional especially in our age of global communication.

Nowadays it is very easy and quick to travel all over the world, to move from a country to another. Ours is a multi-cultural society where people from every part of the earth live, work, study, enjoy themselves. Besides, thanks to Internet and computers, it is easier and quicker keeping contacts either for business or for pleasure. There are much less language barriers today, but especially in business, accuracy of languages is essential. That's why translation services are important: they help people to communicate in the best and most professional way. Business translations have to be precise as they usually regard contracts, conditions, terms and money, so they have to be done by professional translators who know how to deal with the subject. One thing is having a fair knowledge of a language, another thing is being able to provide professional translation service. The key of a successful business is the perfect communication among the parties and an excellent service in translation is obviously an important part of it, for example regarding a website, a brochure or a contract.

What is translation service in concrete terms? It is the job of one or more people, professional translators, who work according to a purpose and to the audience for whom the translation is intended. There are always many idiomatic expressions that vary from a language to another, that's why literal translation is a job that most of people can do while professional translation is not as easy as it may appear. Behind translation services there are years of study strengthened by years of practical experience and the use of proper translation tools such as dictionaries and computer programs called CAT tools (for Computer Aided Translation). This is performed by a translation staff usually directed by a project manager who is a qualified and professional translator as well. Deadlines are often very tight and translators work under a lot of pressure, but, at the same time, they have to provide an excellent service and we do know that it is not so simple when time is short.

Translation services are investments for many companies in order to obtain the perfect communication for a successful business. Employing professional freelancers or an agency means getting a very good service which can give firms an international touch and can be appreciated by existing and potential customers. In the age of global communication it is certainly one of the most important characteristics of worldwide business.

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