How to Learn to Speak Spanish Fluently

By: Nick Clipton

More and more people wish to know how to learn to speak Spanish fluently and as a result, there are more and more courses teaching people how to learn to speak Spanish fluently than ever before.

In this article, I am going to show you some of the basic principles and secrets behind learning to speak Spanish fluently and the program that literally saved me months of tedious trial and error.

After following my advice and approach, I personally guarantee that not only will you be fully prepared for that trip to Spain, but your friends and family will be stood in shock as you impress them with what is considered to be a flowing, sexy and exotic language!

After all, your dream vacation can be ruined if you can't grasp the language properly, and can also get really frustrating (both for you and the Spanish locals!)

The approach I am going to share with you really saved my skin because at the time, I was planning a trip to Spain to work as a holiday rep, and I quickly realized that I hardly knew a word of Spanish!

I always dreamed of the gorgeous Spanish sun beating down on me, sipping those cocktails and getting involved in the local Spanish culture. But because of my poor Spanish, I knew I had to learn quickly, but obviously I didn't want to skip the fundamentals either.

Therefore, I had to make sure I had the right attitude, along with a step by step approach to learning to speak Spanish that guaranteed I didn't miss any of the fundamentals.

I also needed a solid grounding in Spanish that I was able to build a solid fluency on top of for the months to come.

Why do you want to know how to learn to speak Spanish fluently, and does it matter?

You're probably wanting to know how to learn to speak Spanish fluently for different reasons than I was...perhaps you're planning a vacation, or perhaps you're looking to buy a property in Spain?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to know how to learn to speak Spanish fluently, I can assure you it's surprisingly easy when you follow the right formula. If you've ever tried to learn Spanish in the past and failed, don't worry! It's not your fault, it can be hard when you don't take the right approach, and even the quick learners have been known to fail because of poor learning resources in the past.

Is it important to learn Spanish quickly?

Obviously, the quicker you learn the better because these reasons for learning the language are time sensitive (i.e. the holiday is booked, the long term plans are in place etc).

So if that's the case then you need to get on the fast lane mi amigo!

One of the problems you might face when learning to speak Spanish is that not only can it take months of tiresome repetition, but if you follow the wrong formula, you could end up developing bad habits and worse still, actually mispronounce words (and might end up offending the Spanish locals!).

The best way to learn how to speak Spanish fluently is by visual and audio aid. It is a proven fact that humans learn more quickly and more consistently through multiple modalities.

In particular, audio "follow me" styles of learning are by far the best platform, with practical exercises you can do as you go.

Sure, repetition is always going to be involved, as that is the only way to learn any new skill. However, the real benefit of picking the right formula to lean a new skill such as speaking Spanish, is that the repetition will be minimal, and the entire experience of learning to speak Spanish will be fun, not like some stuffy old school lesson where your attention is hard to maintain!

If you're serious about learning to speak Spanish, you already know that time is against you (particularly if you're planning a trip to Spain for whatever reason).

However, the worst thing you can do is keep putting it off and dragging it out as your ability to learn to reach a level of fluency in Spanish will become near impossible to reach as the long, drawn out delays in your learning will cause you to get bored and again, cause you to easily lose your attention span.

Once your attention is lost, you might THINK you're learning, yet in reality your brain will be simply "passing it through" and not absorbing the information as it should.

Therefore, this is why I not only recommend a system that teaches you quickly and enjoyably from day one, but that you also make a commitment to sticking to your learning.

If you follow this approach, you will find that you will be able to learn to speak Spanish far more fluently, and you'll also pick up the pace far more quickly too.

What are some of my options for learning how to speak Spanish fluently?

Typically, there are a few ways to learn any new language. The old fashioned method is a book. This is probably the worst of all options because of the lack of interactivity it offers. As I already mentioned, the best way to learn is through "follow along" style courses.

So, with that in mind, you could also try an audio course. This is a far better option as you will be able to immediately learn how to pronounce words properly.

The other way is via private tuition, which is one of the best ways. However, it is certainly not the cheapest! What's more, is that private lessons will drag out longer than they need to and are not always convenient. You want to learn when you feel like it, when you have the time, right? So, what's the solution?

The ultimate way, above all of these is to combine both written AND audio modalities, with access to a REAL person for backup tuition at a time that suits YOU. See the bottom of this article for my recommendation on the only course that you can get immediate access to this type of learning online.

So if you're ready to get into the good stuff, and you've set your mind to the right mental attitude, you'll be in a prime position ready to discover how to learn to speak Spanish fluently without delay, distraction or boredom!

Let me leave you with a powerful learning philosophy...

'Through learning we re-create ourselves. Through learning we become able to do something we were never able to do.' - Peter Senge

So, are you ready to re-create yourself? Are you ready to do something you would never have been able to do, like speak Spanish fluently for example? Go get 'em amigo!

Ultimately, learning to speak Spanish can be VERY time consuming or it can be a simple 1-2-3 system. If you want to really impress friends and family and enjoy all your future trips to Spain, then I highly recommend that you take a look at the same system that I used to pick up the Spanish language in LESS than 8 Weeks, not 8 months!

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