Learning Spanish - 10 Easy Tips

By: Douglas Anderson

1. The best thing about Spanish is that it is a 100% phonetic language. What you see is what you speak.

2. The worst thing about learning Spanish is the verb conjugations; they are complex, so you need memory triggers and/or lots of practice to remember them. Yes, you can write out verb conjugations, but you need a way to remember the verb in the first place. Check out Comic Mnemonics, which is designed for kids but works well with adults, too.

3. At the beginning, go around your house or apartment and put yellow stickies on everything, with the Spanish word printed on it. You will soon remember all those items, because your brain will read the Spanish words unconsciously.

4. Do the same with the food in your refrigerator, and items in your bathroom cabinet.

5. Watch TV programs in Spanish, if they are available in your area. Although you won't understand everything, you will hear the flow of conversation, the rhythm and musical patterns of the language.

6. Make simple flash cards. Keep them in your purse, briefcase, or backpack, and review them while waiting for the bus, in a restaurant, wherever.

7. Look at yourself in the mirror, and carry on a conversation with yourself in Spanish. "How are you today? My, you're looking particularly good today."

8. Buy a couple of Spanish-language music CDs.

9. Buy a Spanish-language magazine or two, and leave them in places you relax.

10. You can read about swimming, but you will never actually know how to swim until you jump in the water. Visit Spanish or Latin-American stores and restaurants in your area, and use your Spanish whenever possible. Nobody will laugh at you, and everyone will be pleased that you are making the effort.

Your brain needs to develop the patterns of Spanish, and the only way to do this is to speak frequently. The more you speak Spanish words, the easier it gets.

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