What does Success feel like to you?

By: Mohamad Latiff

Do you know how good you are at what you do? When was the last timeyou did an objective evaluation of your skills, abilities and aptitudes- that determine how ’successful’ you are in whatever it is that youdo? Most people, especially those in the professional, entrepreneurialor academic fields, have systematic ways available to them to gauge howgood they are at what they do - only that they don’t use thosemeasurement systems properly to their advantage.

Do you have a simple and understandable method to measure your levelof success in what you do? For example, if you’re in business foryourself, how do you measure your success? By the amount of salesgenerated in a given time? By how much in total assets your businessowns? By how much free time you have while your business runs onautopilot, generating profits for you with minimal maintenance?

How does a student measure her success, then? By how much her gradeshave improved as compared to the number of hours she had spentstudying? Everyone has a way to quantitatively and qualitativelymeasure their success. What is yours?

Observations and measurements compose only one part of the successformula, but what is more important is how you feel about yourself,specifically, how competent or ‘able’ you feel to achieve the targetsin your sights. Success in any endeavour depends on how well and howfast you are able to learn the necessary skills that bring aboutdesired results.

Success is an acquirable state - it can be learned. It’s not writtenon a stone tablet somewhere in the nether regions of the sky whether ornot you will be successful in life. In brief, like any other subject inschool, you can learn to be successful, just as you had been able tolearn the letters of the alphabet or stand on your own two feet. Theprevious statement probably sounded simplistic but it is true.

What is probably distancing you from achieving your target is simplyyour inability or ineptitude in performing the required actions thatbring about your desired results. What causes that inability? Perhapsyou had missed out on an important element that was missing in what youdid and crucial to bringing about the exact results that you wanted.Why? Did you purposely leave that out? Or had you just forgotten? Orperhaps you hadn’t realised it until now.

The more you know, and the more you know about what you don’t know(and then go on to do whatever it takes to know what you need to know),the better your chances are at succeeding in attaining whatever targetsyou had set for yourself.

The first step in effectively learning and acquiring the skills youneed to succeed in your current endeavours is an inner step - a mentalone. If you begin with this, you have better odds of succeeding.Otherwise, your success rate might be lower or worse, you will somehowand inadvertently cause yourself to fail.

What is this first step? Your success begins with your being able tofeel that you are able to succeed. Do you think you can? Do you believeyou can? Are you sure you can? If so, then you most definitely can doit! Simplistic as it might have sounded, it goes way beyond feelings ofbeing able to succeed. It has to be a sincere one, something thatresonates with you as something truthful.

You can’t fake feelings. Fake it till you make it won’t cut it here.Quit the guru’s who tell you to fake it till you make it. The only wayyou can create an authentic feeling of competence, the only way you cangenerate a genuine belief in yourself and your ability to succeed is toconsciously go about doing the work that is required to give you theability to succeed - how?

By learning! Seriously, there is no limit to how much you can learnor what you can learn. Your brain is not wired in such a way that youcan only learn arithmetic, numerical skills and alphabets but you can’tlearn physical skills like riding a bicycle, swimming or driving(unless, of course, one is genuinely physically impaired - but eventhen, exceptions to this have sprung up countless times).

When you first learned how to walk, or how to read, or how to feedyourself with a fork and spoon, did you have to chant affirmations, setgoalsFind Article, think positive or even visualize positive cosmic energy flowingto you? No! You acquired all these skills because of necessity and thefact that countless other human beings have learned to do the same whenthey were young and your parents were there to slowly but surely ensureyour success.

People tend to overcomplicate things and forget that simplicity isthe essence of action. Reclaim that simplicity into your life to get what you want.

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