Bachelor Nursing Degree Online

By: Amelia Turner

Healthcare careers especially in nursing are the ever booming career fields; the demands for nursing expertise are continue to growth in 2 digits projection rate toward year 2012. The high demand has created the best career opportunity for registered nurses to advance their nursing career to next level with a bachelor in nursing degree. The available of online bachelor nursing degree programs provide a flexible and convenient learning channel for registered nurses to pursue their nursing degree online while continue their existing nurse's job.

You become a registered nurse after clearing the NCLEX-RN or the National Council Licensure Examination. This examination enables you to obtain a license to practice nursing within the state where the license was issued. However, if you really want to advance your career in nursing field, a bachelor degree (BSN) in nursing will pave your career path toward a brighter future. Although earning a bachelor degree in nursing won't get you promoted immediately, but a BSN is a pre-requirement for many higher positions in nursing profession.

There are many prestigious online schools that offered BSN programs which you can choose one that best suit your career goal and enroll to start your courses online. The best thing to earn your degree online is flexible and convenient because it allows you to plan your time that best fit your busy schedule and you can attend the online classes from your comfort home. Most of online BSN programs will take you 2 to 4 years to complete but a registered nurse is eligible to apply for an accelerated RN to BSN program which only takes 2 to 3 semester to graduate. Many online schools allows credit transfer and your job experience may earn you additional credits which will help you to skip some courses.

Some of the important factors you need to consider when searching for your favorite online BSN program. The program must be accredited and offered by accredited online school where the accrediting agency is recognized by Department of Education. You can check about accreditation information at and make sure your preferred online nursing school is listed in the accreditation database before your sign up with the program.

As most of online BSN programs require practical and lab works in order for you to complete your nursing degree program. You should also consider the online nursing schools that have partnered with hospital or health care centers near by your place so that you no need a long travel to complete your practical or lab works. The best option is the online school can allows you to do your practical at the hospital you work.

Once you graduate from your BSN program, you may start to move your career to advanced practice nurse job and pursue your career as specialties such as nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists, these are the four nursing profession that is the pinnacle of most nurses' career. BSN will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills in critical thinking, leadership and management, which make you to be a strong candidate for top managerial positions and of course earning higher income.


The high demand in nursing profession creates a good job opportunity for you as a registered nurse to advance your career to higher job position. And online BSN program provides a perfect solution for you to earn your BSN online to meet the pre-requirement for many high positions in nursing profession.

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