Registered Nursing Degree Online

By: Ekta Jain

They might have a job or a family to take care of. Registered nursing degree online programs have made it possible for thousands of people to earn a degree without neglecting their other priorities.

Become A Registered Nurse

Practical Nurse program is the basic level nursing program. With a PN program you can become a licensed practical nurse (LPN). For a LPN to become a RN, he/she needs a BSN or ADN. It is very hard for a working LPN to attend regular nursing college. Furthermore, regular nursing colleges turn away thousands of applicants because of lack of instructors or proper classroom space. Those LPNs who do manage to get into regular college find it hard to work and study at the same time. Online nursing education makes it possible for working LPNs to become RNs without sacrificing their paycheck. The other benefit of online nursing degree program is that there is no waiting list to get enrolled in an online school.

With a registered nursing degree online program, a LPN can become a RN within 1-2 years. You either need to opt for an online associate nursing degree or a BSN. The greatest benefit of attending online classes is that you save on time. There is no hassle of commuting to class, parking, or walking. From the comforts of your home you can attend your online classes.

Students of registered nursing degree online program can communicate with their instructors online, in person, by phone, by email, and via teleconference. RNs typically earn $13,000 more per year than LPNs. In other words, with a registered nursing degree online program you can look forward to an increased salary in as little as 12 months.

If you want more employment opportunities for yourself, you should opt for a BSN through registered nursing degree online program. BSN program trains nurses in management and administrative skill in addition to nursing skills. A BSN graduate can be employed as a floor supervisor, given the task of training new nurses, and given the task of overseeing care of an entire unit of patients. BSN graduate can be expected to earn more than $70,000 per year within few years after graduation.

There are many registered nursing degree online programs that provide BSN degrees. A BSN degree from an accredited online school is as good as one from a regular nursing school. With the healthcare system becoming more and more complex, there would be an increasing demand for nurses with BSN degrees. In the coming years the pay package is only going to get better.

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