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(NC)-Life is full of transitions, from high school to university, from first job to the next. Each of these changes brings with it a financial 'first': How much will it cost to go to college or university? What are my rights when I lease an apartment? Can I afford a car? Do I need insurance? What kind of financial services should I have? Where should I invest my money?

Until now it has not been easy to get objective answers to all of these questions in one place. Now you can visit Consumer Connection's Web site at that has been created by Industry Canada's Office of Consumer Affairs.

It has been creatively produced to give Canadian consumers great information without sacrificing a fun and interactive setting.

Money Savvy 101 is a product that provides answers to all your personal finance questions. The answers are simple and straightforward, containing in-depth information, entertaining animation and links to other great Web sites. Money Savvy 101 allows consumers to see how much things actually cost, how to deal with landlords that are giving you a hard time, and all other types of questions or situations.

Consumer Connection ( is an award-winning Web site. It provides rapid access to consumer information, powerful tools to cut research time, and many useful links to consumer and other organizations. Canadians can access Consumer Connection from home, the public library, community access points or from Government of Canada, provincial and territorial service outlets. For a variety of information on everything from bank fees, to privacy rights, to the latest scams or frauds, this is the place to go.

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