Ten Ways To Achieve Harmony

By: Sibyl Mclendon

1.Meditate on a regular basis. You do not have to isolate yourself and chant mantras to meditate. Just take 15 minutes a day, sit quietly (maybe listen to some soothing music) and let your mind relax and wander.

2.Stop and think before you act/react. Ask yourself if the situation is really going to matter tomorrow or next week. If the answer is no, then there is no reason to get upset today. If the answer is yes, then ponder how to solve the problem simply instead of going ballistic.

3.Surround yourself with harmonious things. If you are watching violent or disturbing television or movies, listening to negative music, reading negative or violent books or playing violent video games, harmony is always going to elude you. Change your habits to find the harmony within.

4.Clean up the mess. If you have piles of papers, loads of junk and a messy environment around you it will lead to disharmony within.

When you eliminate the mess and simplify your surroundings, harmony follows.

5.Create a harmonious ritual for yourself. If you can do one thing a day that makes you feel peaceful you will be amazed at the results. Take a candlelit bath, journal before bed, take a walk, learn Tai Chi… just find one simple ritual and stick to it.

6.Surround yourself with harmonious people. If your friends and family are on the opposite pole from harmony, go where peaceful people hang out and make some new friends. Like-minded people are the best support system.

7.Pray. It doesn’t matter what your spiritual inclination is, praying helps. I am not talking about getting down on your knees with clasped hands; I am talking about establishing a dialogue with a Higher Power.

8.Do good deeds selflessly. When you do for others without the expectation of a return for it, it makes you feel better inside.

9.Look for the blessings in your life instead of the problems. We all have blessings! If you are alive, if you have food to eat and a place to live you are better off than the majority of people on this planet. Think about your blessings every day.

10.Give up trying to be perfect. No one is. If you were perfect, you would be dead or God. Just be the best that you can be on a daily basis. Live your day so that you can go to bed with no regretsScience Articles, one day at a time.

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