What Does A.C.C.O.U.N.T.A.B.I.L.I.T.Y Mean To You?

By: Leanne Hoagland-smith, M.s.

So why this reaction? Why isn’t this word viewed positively instead of negatively? Possibly the answer lies within the word and each person’s individual experiences.

Begin accountable implies ACTION. No action creates no results. Facing the fear of inactivity is not easy. This results in the individuals having to ask some hard questions specific to the actions that there are or are not taking. With the most fearful question being Why.

With action, comes COMMITMENT and more questions. What does commitment look like to you? Is your commitment like the occasional spring breezeS or is it constant like the changing of the seasons? Are you truly committed to doing what it takes to reach beyond that next level of excellence?

Commitment is the result of making good CHOICES and tough decisions. Choices come from the ability to create new possible OPPORTUNITIES.

Understanding yourself is also part of the accountability process. Do you know what keeps you from being accountable?

As the old expression goes, if you can’t measure it, you can’t measure it.

NUMBERS are a critical part of this process. What are you weekly numbers as a salesperson or what are the monthly goals for your department or your company?

When individuals and organizations are accountable, their actions are TIGHT. “Loosey goosey" behavior is neither acceptable nor encouraged.

ALIGNMENT helps to keep the focus on the desired end results. Through alignment, both individuals and organizations are working smarter not harder.

If accountability is a sometimes or one time thing for you, possible you are failing to BUILD the behaviors necessary for ongoing success. By constantly building the behaviors that drive the change that you desire will help you to be both accountable and successful.

Without the INTERNALIZATION of the necessary attitudes that drive the behaviors creating change, accountability will be short-lived. The question to ask yourself is “Are you working from the inside out?"

LEARNING allows us to “fail forward" as John Maxwell writes. Are you fearful of failure? If learning is not part of your overall life plan, then being accountable will be very difficult.

The consistent demonstration of our INTEGRITY helps to keep us on the path of accountability. Do you demonstrate your values at all times? Or do you sometimes for the sake of a sale, the fear of not being liked and going along with the crowd or for a numerous other reasons choose not to demonstrate your value of Integrity?

As you practice accountability, you are TEACHING being accountable by “walking the talk." If more individuals and organizations taught accountability through their actions, then potentially there would be greater performance for all concerned.

Finally, as accountability begins with action, it ends with YOU – the bottom line. Accountability is all about YOUFree Reprint Articles, no buts and no excuses!

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