How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Caused By Medication

By: Brue Baker

Bad breath can certainly be an embarrassing situation. Especially when it is the side effect of a medication, such as Norvasc. Most people can control their breath by watching what they eat and using mouthwash or gum. But what if your bad breath came out of nowhere because it was a side effect of a medication you were taking? You should know that medications such as Norvasc can cause bad breath.

There are many disorders of the human body which thankfully are treatable with the help of science, nature, and medications. So many medications are now available that they can help a person live much longer, stay healthy, and live productive lives. But many of these medications come with side effects that have to be addressed. One of the very common side effects of a medication known as Norvasc is bad breath.

Even though Norvasc can cause odor on your breath it is an important medication. Norvasc is prescribed by doctors to treat angina and high blood pressure which are both serious conditions.

A person who takes this medication cannot simply stop the medication because they have bad breath caused by Norvasc. Both high blood pressure and angina are potentially fatal conditions that have to be treated and this drug is proven and reliable. If a person discovers that, although the medication is helping with their specific medical condition, they also have bad breath caused by Norvasc there are some things that can be done to help.

It is important for a person with bad breath from Norvasc or other medications to find one or more suitable treatments for the side effect. There are several measures that can be taken to help out. One specific treatment may not cure the bad breath, but several things can help.

The first thing a person with bad breath, from any medication, needs to do is to make sure that they have good oral hygiene. A person should brush their teeth several times a day with a strong toothpaste and should floss often.

People who are away from home during the day may want to carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with them to use once or twice during the day. A person can also carry a small bottle of mouthwash with them to help out. Mints and gum will also be quite helpful in fending off odor.

Some times the bad breath caused by Norvasc is created because the mouth becomes very dry. A person can help this situation by keeping liquids near them and drinking frequently. The increased fluids may also be helpful in treating the specific medical ailment, but a person should check with their doctor regarding the amount of fluid intake they should consume.

Sometimes people with heart conditions have a fluid restriction. In this case gum and mints may also be helpful to keep the mouth moist. If you can keep your mouth moist you can prevent bad breath.

It is frustrating and embarrassing to have bad breath. It is even more frustrating when the bad breath is coming from something out of your control, like a side effect from a medication like Norvasc.

Unfortunately, many great medications that are very effective for many different ailments come with some side effects for certain people. Take the steps and precautions above to try to avoid this side effect of bad breath from Norvasc, but never stop taking the medication without your doctor's permission.

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