Insomnia, Rozerem: A Safe To Use Drug

By: Brian Welsch

A person who is unable to fall asleep as well as cannot stay asleep for reasonable periods of time is said to be suffering from insomnia. Persons with such an affliction will most often complain about not being able to close their eyes and will generally feel restless for a short period of time at the very least. This is a sleep disorder that can be organic as well as non-organic and is the result of fear, anxiety, stress, herbs, medications, depression and caffeine as well as for other unknown reasons.

Types Of Insomnia

Insomnia can be found in a number of different forms including insomnia that is transient, insomnia that is acute as well as insomnia that is chronic. Transient instances will last from a single night to many weeks, and it may be due to jet lag, or anxiety that lasts for a short period of time. With an acute case, the person is unable to consistently sleep from a few weeks up to six months. The chronic attack is very serious and can occur every night and last for a month or so.

The sleeping problems that arise with insomnia can occur due to other diseases, or because of problems related to the psyche of the person. Such instances would require the patient to take medical as well as psychological help. With the use of taking sedative drugs, there is always the possibility that the person will become dependent on these drugs, which can lead to withdrawal symptoms when the drug is discontinued.

Using Rozerem for treating insomnia is a recommended course of action as it has been shown that there will be no danger of potential abuse, or dependence, or even withdrawal with its use. It is the first of the many sleep-inducing agents that help in targeting the normal sleep to waking cycle and it is the end product of thirty-five years of research.

Rozerem for insomnia is a drug that can be taken orally in order to promote sleep which it does through the stimulation of receptors for melatonin in the brain. The advantage of using Rozerem for insomnia is that it is not addictive and is also not a controlled substance. It does not cause withdrawal symptoms or even insomnia on the rebound if the user discontinues taking it. In addition, Rozerem has the approval of the FDA which it received in July, 1995.

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