Anxiety Attack Symtoms

By: Sven Ullmann

Anxiety is a natural part of our self protection mechanism. It is necessary to let us know when to be on guard or alert to a pending threat to our safety and well being. In prehistoric times our ancestors relied on anxiety to let them know when things of importance needed tending to. Suppose a tiger is lurking in the general vicinity of their cave and they felt no anxiety. Well the consequences could be disastrous. Suppose the game had all been hunted out and none could be found. the anxiety of this situation is what would prompt them to take the initiative to pick up camp and move on.

For modern peoples anxiety is still a necessary component of or thought process but very rarely does it come to play in life threatening situations as it once did for our ancestors. The wiring, so to speak is still in place though and for many it can be a problem. What is the difference between a little and a lot? That depends. For a crane operator on a large construction site it would be desirable for him to be anxious about a three ton bucket of concrete he is maneuvering over a group of his work mates and they in turn would expect his anxiety. But for someone waiting at home for the news paper the same level of anxiety is unacceptable.

Anxiety is still misunderstood by many. If you fell and cut your head no one would have trouble understanding your predicament but if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder people can't see it and can have trouble understanding the gravity of your situation. Anxiety can be temporary brought on by any one of a number of things. A divorce, a pending dentist appointment, job interview etc. Everyone feels it. Its when it interrupts your day to day life and makes simple things that should be easy to accomplish difficult or impossible to do that it becomes a problem. For permanent sufferers of high levels of anxiety whether in attacks or otherwise life and be unbearable.

Several treatments for anxiety are available now. In the past it was different. For many the treatments available was alcohol or suicide, or confinement to a jail or mental institution. The first thing for the anxiety sufferer is to recognize he or she has a problem that needs addressing. Then to take the steps necessary to begin a treatment plan. For many, councelling has been a great help. Self help groups are available almost anywhere now and talking to others with the same predicament can be a relief in itself. Just knowing your not alone has helped many. Private counseling alone or in conjunction with a counseling group can also only be of help.

Medication is the next step for the severe anxiety sufferer. Medicines in the past often had undesirable side effects and there also was a degree of social stigma attached to the use of this type of medication. Things have changed in both ares today. Now there is medication available that can stop the cycle of anxiety attacks and allow for a time of intervention. For some, medication my become a permanent part of their lives. For others it may be temporary but it is there for those who really need it and for many it has been a life saver. When you suffer from anxiety, not only you suffer but your loved ones around you suffer. Your husband or wife and your children or extended family. Talking openly with them can be a help in your treatment.

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