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Womens Guide To Having Fun And Looking Great For The Holidays

By: Kenia Morales

• Water glow; drink at least eight glasses of water to keep skin hydrated, and glowing.

• Beauty rest; when a person is tired they will most likely feel irritated, and tired, less likely to look attractive. Get plenty of rest!

• Clothing; avoid wearing oversize clothing, and keep it well pressed.

• Stand straight; it will help you look confident, slimmer and a couple of inches taller.

• Wear make up; but do not over do it.

• Healthy hair gloss; wash, and condition hair regularly; use anti- frizz hair products for instant luster.

• Maintain eye contact; look more confident and give others your undivided attention.

• Smile; “ smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks." By Charles Gordy

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