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By: John mathew

Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or waking in the middle of the night and staying awake, if this problem continues for more then a month is called chronic insomnia. Most of the cases of insomnia are related to normal day to day worries and tension or simply to caffeine consumption and is not a serious condition but it can be very frustrating, and can cause lack of attention and bad temper.

Mix 2 tsp of honey to 1 glass of warm water. Drink just before sleeping. Give half the amount to babies it will help put them to sleep Another one of the most favorable home remedies for insomnia is taking a hot bath just before bed. When the body is warm, you tend to get sleepy, so taking a hot to warm bath just before bed will do wonders for you in the sleep department.

The mixture of bottle gourd juice and sesame oil acts as an effective medicine for insomnia. It should be massaged over scalp every night. The cooked leaves of bottle gourd taken as a vegetable are also beneficial in the treatment of this disease.

Milk is beneficial in curing the problem of lack of sleep. Drink a glass of milk mixed with honey every night before going to bed. Another home remedy is to massage the soles of your feet with milk.

Stir 1 teaspoon of lavender leaves to a cup of boiling water, cool and drink 3 times daily.

A tea made from aniseed is valuable in sleeplessness. This tea is prepared by boiling about 375 ml. of water in a vessel and adding a teaspoon of aniseed. The water should be covered with a lid and allowed to simmer for 15 minutes. It should then be strained and drunk hot or warm. The tea may be sweetened with honey and hot milk may also be added to it. This tea should be taken after meals or before going to bed.

Stop drinking coffee late night. Coffee has certain stimulants that can harm your natural body cycle during night hours. Remember that every human body has it's own system to make itself comfortable and healthy. If your eating and lifestyle habits obstruct the natural body cycle, your body has no other option to but to express some kind of disorder like insomnia.

Tea made from aniseed is an insomnia home remedy. To prepare it, boil about 400 ml of water in a container. Add a teaspoon of aniseed. Cover with a lid and simmer it for ten to fifteen minutes. Strain it and drink warm before going to bed or a little after the meal. Milk or honey may be added to make it more pleasant for the palate.

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