The Secrets of Natural Remedy for Acid Reflux Found in Kitchen

By: Richal Peyton

Acid reflux can be treated using different approaches. The treatments would generally depend on whether you simply want to relieve its symptoms or if you want prevent the condition from recurring. However, medicines cannot be used all the time for maintenance, and changing what you eat can only do so much. To eliminate acid reflux for good, you need to be proactive. A good idea would be to use your our kitchen items to effectively treat acid reflux.

What Are Kitchen Remedies?

You'd be surprised just how many natural cures you already have in your kitchen. Kitchen remedies can be common herbs and spices like turmeric and sage. They may be the yogurt in your fridge or honey sitting on your breakfast table. To find a natural remedy for acid reflux, it's all in the matter of using the right kitchen items.

Why Use Kitchen Remedies?

The best thing about using kitchen remedies is that it doesn't cost you extra to cure certain diseases such as acid reflux. Medications can be used, but what about in the long run? If there are simpler and more affordable ways to maintain health, it's not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on short-term conventional treatments. Moreover, kitchen remedies are often easy on the body and therefore does not cause side effects.

What Kitchen Items Can Be Used?

Herbal tea is one of the popular remedies of relieving acid reflux. Herbal teas have been found to reduce acidity in the stomach and so relieve symptoms. Common herbal teas used for acid reflux are those containing lavender, peppermint, chicory root and aniseed.

Other special concoctions derive from liquorice, Indian long pepper and Indian gooseberry. Research has indicated that liquorice has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit the development of ulcers (search for powdered liquorice to make tea). Indian long pepper is also known to prevent ulcers and can be added to food for flavor, while Indian gooseberry is a fruit that can naturally treat peptic ulcers and ingestion problems when consumed.

What If Ingredients Are Missing?

If these above ingredients are not available in your kitchen, there are also more common ingredients that can relieve symptoms. Black pepper is available in almost every household, and can be used as a natural aid for gastric circulation and digestion-simply add to your dishes. You may also use the natural antimicrobial and analgesic, ginger, to your dishes as well. Here are other common kitchen herbs and spices that aid in digestion:

- Alfalfa - Basil - Bay leaf - Chamomile - Cloves - Cumin seeds - Rosemary - Spearmint - Thyme - Turmeric

These ingredients can be prepared in several ways for ready consumption. For herbs and spices like turmeric and pepper, simply crush or powder them (if they are whole) and sprinkle over food while cooking. When making tea, you may add honey to make treatment taste better. Honey is also has great antibacterial properties that naturally treat acid reflux, so you may use honey instead of your usual sweetener.

The next time you're looking for a natural remedy for acid reflux, simply stop by your kitchen! Taking natural remedies will make you feel much better in the long run. See a doctor if symptoms persist. The content in this article is not intended to replace medical advice from a healthcare professional.

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