Natural Ways to Get Rid of Corns

By: peterhutch

Corns are generally small and are formed on the toes, while calluses are bigger and generally develop on the soles of the feet and sometimes on the palms. These may or may not be painful at first, but there is always a danger that they may become painful at a later stage. Instead of using those over-the-counter corn-plasters which might result in blisters and ulcers and harm your skin, why not consider some of these simple and effective home remedies.

A lot of people think that a corn has a root, and that you need to remove the root in order to get rid of the corn. This is not the case. A corn is simply made up of hard skin that occurs over a bony prominence such as a joint. It is usually the result of pressure or friction to the area. The central area of the corn that appears to go deeper into the toe, isn't something growing from inside, but is where the area of pressure (usually from the shoe if it is on the toe) is greatest.

First natural ways to get rid of corns are using of raw Papaya juice on corn twice or thrice a day. Second natural ways to get rid of corns is using calcium carbonate easily available in chalk. Powder the chalk and make a paste of it using water. Apply this paste on corns just before going to bed. Third natural ways to get rid of corns is applying paster of Liquorices powdered and mixed with either Mustard or Gingili oil. Fourth natural ways to get rid of corns is use of Essential oils.

Soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes, on a daily basis. When the corn gets dried, rub it away with a pumice stone.

Wearing shoes that fit properly will most definitely get rid of corns. I can't believe people actually need to be told this, but I think we all know how deep denial can get when we're trying to achieve that perfect image. Listen, I know you like high heels and nice shoes that don't fit just right, but I'll tell you that the most common cause of corns are ill-fitting shoes, especially the dressy ones with narrow toes.

One thing you can do is to buy a special solution from your chemist that will be labled as treatment for corns. Normally this contains a certain acid that makes the corn loosen up so that it can be removed easily.

Calluses can be a form of protection for the hands. Gymnasts who perform on uneven parallel bars and other apparatus often get calluses on their hands, which take a lot of abuse. Guitar players also get calluses - on their fingers - from manipulating the strings. Once formed, calluses may make it easier for the person to swing around the bars or play the guitar.

Brew a cup of chamomile tea and make it strong. Dip a cotton ball in the tea and dab it on the corn. Cover it with an adhesive bandage and leave overnight.

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