Constipation and Fatigue

By: The Colon Cleansing & Constipation Resource Center

If you are constipated, you are probably also dealing with fatigue. Constipation and fatigue can go hand in hand. Constipation is a symptom of a digestive problem; yet constipation has its own hosts of symptoms. Many people know the symptoms of constipation-bloating, straining, irregular bowel movements, passing small hard stools and even hemorrhoids. Fatigue is one of the lesser discussed symptoms of constipation.

Many people simply do not relate their fatigue back to their constipation. They think they are just leading a life that's too busy, or they are not resting adequately at night, or they are under too much stress. Many people are surprised to find discover when they take steps to detoxify their bodies, and cleanse it of sludge, mucous, and accumulated fecal matter, their energy levels return.

The truth is when we are fatigued, everything becomes a chore. Simple things like getting up in the morning can seem like a monumental task. Everything from a demanding career, to pursuing higher education, to running after little ones in the home can seem like overwhelming obstacles. When you are fatigued and do not have the zest for life that you once did, it can easily lead to depression. If this sounds familiar, and you are constipated, you should get on the offensive and cleanse your system.

The colon is not supposed to be a holding tank for toxins and fecal matter. Many people have cleansed out their systems and were shocked at the quantity of waste matter they were carrying around inside their bodies. If you truly think about it, why wouldn't you feel tired, sluggish and drained with all this garbage in you? Many people are carrying around literally pounds of toxins inside their bodies. It is no wonder many people report they lose weight after they have performed a complete colon cleansing.

To put it simply, constipation is not good. You must get the buildup of garbage out of your system before it results in a major health problem requiring surgery. Once your body is free of this debris, your energy levels can return and you can begin to develop a new outlook on life.

So, how do you cleanse the body? After all, it's not like pouring some injector cleaner into your car's gas tank . . . or is it? First, you should forget about laxatives and enemas. These just treat the present constipation and do nothing to get to the root of the problem. To thoroughly cleanse your body and rid it of mucous, fecal matter, and sludge, you need a product like Oxy-Powder®. This is an all-natural product in a capsule form. It doesn't work harshly like an enema or strong laxative. As the name implies, Oxy-Powder® oxidizes away the years of waste in your system with natural ingredients released over a 12-hour period.

It is important to note the solid matter in your system will be pretty much liquefied; but this should not be misconstrued for diarrhea, which is caused by viral infection. Yes, you will go to the bathroom frequently. The only way to get rid of the buildup is to get it out. You will pass stools that are liquid in composition and you will also experience extra gas.

This is all part of the oxidation process and it is much easier on the system than using a laxative or enema. So, you should make sure you are near a bathroom during the first few days of the cleansing. Unlike laxatives and enemas, Oxy-Powder® truly cleanses the digestive system. It is not a one-time process. The product label details the dosage recommendations for the first seven days of your cleanse. There is also a maintenance dosage recommendation to help you keep your digestive system working at its best thereafter. Oxy-Powder® is also non-addictive and safe for your body.

It's amazing how negatively something like constipation can affect your energy levels. It is also quite surprising how many people do not connect their constipation with their fatigue. Yet, it is easy to understand why these people feel tired. Their bodies, already polluted by the high levels of toxins, are fighting stress as a by-product of the natural, defensive process. Ironically, the colon may even attempt to absorb the waste to eliminate it, but that just puts even more poison into your system!

If you are suffering from fatigue and constipation, you should take steps necessary to thoroughly cleanse your system. Once you rid your body of the waste that it has stored over time, you will probably feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders - or at least from your stomach!


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