Bulimia in Older Women: a Matter for Concern and a New Solution

By: Dr Irina Webster

More and more women in their 30s, 40s and even 50s have started to become obsessed about how they look and about their weight. Some of them carry these body image problems with them from a very young age.

Others managed to stop their eating disorder in the past when they were younger, only to relapse later in life. Another group of women develop an obsession at a more mature age as a result of chasing that ideal young look promoted by advertisers in the media.

The real matter for concern here is that an eating disorder developed as a consequence of their obsession to look young later in life, is much more difficult to treat compared to eating disorders developed in adolescents.

Older women tend to keep "their secret" more closely guarded than younger women. While at the same time they are trying to maintain and function in society as respected responsible parents and employees: but with a dark secret.

Older sufferers, who develop an eating disorder later in life often do not know how to live any other way. Their eating disorder becomes their whole identity, controlling them completely. Some have tried to stop their eating disorder many times in the past but continually fail, so they just accept their illness as a part of who they are.

Most of these women come to the stage where outside factors come into play.

Like a desire to maintain their marriage or to avoid being a burden to their children later in life. These can often become powerful motivators for older women to try again to find help and strategies to control their distorted eating behaviors.

Luckily for these sufferers there is a new reliable strategy out now to help them stop their eating disorders and regain control over their life.

Research has found that using an Eating Disorder Home Treatment Program has proven to be extremely helpful in regaining control over their unhealthy eating behaviors.

Programs like the one designed by Dr Irina Webster MD and her team in Canberra Australia, have seen dramatic changes to long term and older women sufferers.

Dr Irina is a medical doctor with a special interest in eating disorders. Not just from the point of treating sufferers to overcome their disorders: but more importantly from her personal experience in battling her own eating disorder when she was much younger. This gives her a unique understanding of what it takes to beat an eating disorder that other practitioners just don't have.

Dr Irina and her team believe that the most important thing for the older sufferer, is to realize that although they have no control over their past, they do have control over their present and their future. Also with the correct approach they can get well and stay well; forever free from their eating disorder.

That is why Dr Irina created her Eating Disorder Home Treatment program.

To read more about the program go to www.bulimia-cure.com or


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