Memory Development In Teenagers

By: Kokuj1n
Human memory is one of the most complex functions. The brain allows one to store certain information and let one to retrieve later. There are mostly tow types of memory systems. A system is that allows one to keep a record of all the experiences and is called as autobiographical memory. The second type of memory is semantic-memory where the system holds knowledge about the world. Working-memory is when the brain is where the brain tries to store certain things in order to make immediate calculations just like random-access-memory in a computer.

When certain information that is stored in it is not in use, is dumped by the working-memory. It helps the brain to create planned response by using the abstract thought. Brain works in an intelligent way. Teenagers tend to make certain irrational decisions when they are under stress. It is found that children only act like adults in normal conditions. However, under stress they would find themselves in trouble.

Teenage is the most important age as during this period one develops the memory forming a certain structure. Teenagers need to practice in order to remember better way. Memory-strategies would help in processing the information and would help in enhanced it. Organization is important as it helps organizing all the information properly. This would help the brain to recall the necessary information whenever needed easily. Understanding is important. If one understands well, it becomes easy for the brain to remember. Thus, in order to make the memory of a teenage more efficient it is necessary for one to ensure the above four key things. This would surely help in development of memory in teenager.

Teenagers, who drink heavily, have chances of permanent memory damage. Alcohol has proved that ongoing memory loss in youngsters could be carried forward to adulthood. Thus, doctors ask the teenagers to avoid heavy drinking. Heavy drinking could bring a young brain into a critical stage when it is in process of development. Teenage years are the most important years in one's life. This is so because during this period, the structural and functional development of brain takes place radically.

It is also found that heavy drinking teenagers are unable to recollect their past memories. If certain substances are used during this period of growth, then not only it is damaged but also the development of brain meets with obstacles. One is adding problems for future related to memories. Thus, teenagers should avoid heavily alcohol drinking.

Memory booster would help developing good-memory in teens. It would also help organizing the information in a better way also practice skills that are essential for effective learning. This would help teens to recollect information that is stored in their brains easily. The efficiency of it differs from one person to another. Some may have good short-term-memory while the others may have good long-term-memory. If the teenager improves his or her memory it could be very beneficial.
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